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quarta-feira, setembro 04, 2013

UK's first ever transgender wrestler set to prove she packs a serious punch
Drew-Ashlyn Cunningham adopts the name Harley Ryder when wrestling
As a young boy loved female fighters, now is only transgender wrestler
Competes against men in the ring
Diagnosed with gender dysphoria at 18, and started transition in 2007
After 10 months of training is now preparing for first competitive fight

LGBT groups say they’ve been invited to meet with Obama during G20 summit in Russia
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights activists said Tuesday they have been invited to meet with President Barack Obama on the sidelines of this week’s Group of 20 summit in Russia.

Omani newspaper suspended for article on homosexuality
A newspaper in Oman has been suspended over a sympathetic article on homosexuality in the Gulf state that it published last week.

Representation of transgender in LG 2013 setup demanded
Forum for Dignity Initiative (FDI) has called upon provincial governments to ensure representation of the transgender in their upcoming Local Government (LG) 2013 setup by allocating special seats for them.

[New Zealand]
Queer Avengers stand in solidarity with Chelsea Manning
The Queer Avengers are holding an action in solidarity with imprisoned US whistleblower Chelsea Manning, this Saturday 7 September at the US Embassy. Manning recently came out as a transwoman in international media.

Transgender boy returns to school in Edmonton, proudly sharing his story
Wren, born Wrenna, says he doesn’t remember a time when he didn’t feel like a boy. Now, at age 11, he’s going back to school in Edmonton as a transgender boy, proudly announcing who he used to be.

Transgender Women Criticize Police Treatment
Nov. 20 is Transgender Remembrance Day, when individuals and groups worldwide honor those who have been killed as a result of prejudice. A recent report finds that despite hate-crime laws, police officers often mistreat transgender women.

California kids' safety, privacy may not be in jeopardy
A legal group is offering California citizens a way to challenge the state's newly passed transgender bathroom law.

Transgender Women of Color Say They Constantly Cope With Fear and Violence
Standing outside the Lenox Avenue church where the funeral of her friend Islan Nettles was taking place, Violet Bonner, 22, said she could just feel the eyes of men on her as they walked up and down the bustling strip.

Rooms are open to anyone who applies, accommodates family members
A new housing option began this year allowing men and women to live together, but it may not be for the reasons you think.
The housing is primarily for people who consider themselves transgender, gender neutral, gender non-conforming, cross-dressing people or people who are non-binary, however it encompasses more people, said Tobias Spears, assistant director in the office of Multicultural Affairs.

HUD pursues anti-LGBT discrimination charges against RV park owner
The Department of Housing and Urban Development issued a charge of discrimination in August against an Athens RV park owner after investigating a complaint by a transgender woman and her female partner who now live in Seven Points.

Suspect in Evon Young murder pleads guilty
One of the suspects in the murder case of a transgender rapper from Milwaukee pleaded guilty to the crime on Wednesday.
Guilty plea in killing of Milwaukee transgender man

Jamaican Police claim LGBTs are no bigger victims of crime
Jamaican Assistant Police Commissioner Devon Watkis has claimed that LGBTs are no more at risk of being victims of crime than other Jamaicans despite a rash of homophobic attacks in the Caribbean nation
Jamaican police: Gay people are no more victims of crime than ‘the ordinary citizen’

[Republica Dominicana]
DNCD atrapa en el AILA dos transexuales que se iban como “mulas” a Nueva York
Un transexual puertorriqueño y otro dominicano fueron detenidos este lunes cuando intentaban viajar como “mulas” a Nueva York con 91 bolsitas de presunta cocaína o heroína en el estómago, informó este martes la Dirección Nacional de Control Derogas (DNCD).

La justicia aceptó trasladar a transexual a una cárcel para mujeres
La Justicia aceptó un pedido de la Secretaría de Derechos Humanos para trasladar a una persona transexual que estaba presa, a una cárcel de mujeres, informaron hoy fuentes oficiales.
El Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Córdoba resolvió trasladar a una unidad penitenciaria para mujeres a Laura Dominique Pilleri, de 51 años.