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terça-feira, agosto 27, 2013

El mapa del horror
Mientras la flamante “Ley contra la propaganda homosexual” rusa continúa despertando la indignación de la comunidad global, un informe alarma sobre cierto estado de hecho deplorable. A saber: en 76 países del mundo, ser gay es ilegal.

Travesti pede para cantar em culto evangélico e tira aplausos de fiéis da Assembleia de Deus
Em um vídeo que está circulando nas redes sociais desde o último sábado, 24 de agosto, uma travesti entra em um culto da Assembleia de Deus, possivelmente na Pavuna, Rio de Janeiro, e arrasa no microfone cantando em louvor a Deus.

Hate crime to be introduced into the Criminal Code of Federation of BiH
Parliament of FBiH adopted the proposition of hate crime definition of the Coalition for combat against hate speech and hate crime

[South Africa]
Born free - but not to be transgender
The warm winter sun hits her white braids, her glistening big red lips stand out as she glides across the busy street where hawkers sell their wares, taxis swoosh by in their dozens and hundreds of students mill around taking their lunch break.

Sex workers, transgenders largely ignorant of scheme benefits, reveals study
The first ever study undertaken on sex workers and transgenders’ access to various government welfare schemes in East Godavari district revealed that there is a deep rooted prejudice against the community and the resultant stigma and discrimination coupled with the community’s own lack of knowledge are key bottlenecks in accessing the benefits of welfare schemes.

Vietnam's Next Top Model has to explain about transgender contestants
The Performing Arts Agency has asked the organizers of the Vietnam's Next Top Model 2013 to explain about the participation of transgender contestants, which is a violation to the contest’s rules.

Transgender People Being Murdered At A Rate Almost 50 Percent Higher Than Lesbians And Gays
Transgender people were murdered last month at a rate that is almost 50 percent higher than the murders of lesbian and gay people. From Canada to the United States to Central and South America, in the month of July alone, 23 transgender people and 16 gay men and lesbian women — a total of 39 people — were murdered, according to a study from the Organization of American States.

Chelsea Manning: what kind of treatment can she expect in jail?
The military prison where Chelsea Manning is beginning her 35-year sentence for espionage has made it clear it will not provide the hormone therapy she is seeking. How difficult is life for transgender people behind bars?
Will Manning be treated as a woman in prison?
Manning shines spotlight on transgender issues
Fmr. Army col.: Chelsea Manning should be jailed with men
Transgender Navy SEAL Kristin Beck describes Chelsea Manning as a 'traitor'
Fox's Jon Scott: Properly Gendering Chelsea Manning Is "Political Correctness Gone Amok"
News Outlets' Misgendering Of Private Manning Draws Criticism
NPR Issues New Guidance On Manning's Gender Identity
New Army Fight Likely as Chelsea Manning Comes Out

Billionaire Philanthropist Comes Out as Transgender
Col. James Pritzker, who has endowed a study on transgender people in the military, announced she identifies as a woman and will now be known as Jennifer Natalya Pritzker.

Dad begs son to surrender in transgender Web reality star’s death
Dantjier Powell dated Domonique Newburn for years before cops discovered the 'Hollywood Houseboys' star murdered in her Fontana, Calif., apartment. Loueadry Powell pleaded with his boy to turn himself in.

Citing fatal assault of transgender woman, pols push for GENDA
The deadly assault of a transgender woman in Harlem last weekend has some New York political figures up in arms, calling for the passage of a state law that has been consistently tabled over the last several years.

Virginia inmate seeking sex-change to get hearing Monday
The 53-year-old inmate, born a male, wants to receive sex-reassignment surgery at state expense.
Federal court hearing set in Virginia inmate's lifelong quest for a sex change

Mexican Transgender Women Deported to Life of Peril
Mexico is one of the world's most dangerous places to be transgender. But as lawmakers try to change that, transgender women who are deported confront a social backlash that makes their homeland more fearful than ever. The first of four stories.

Agreden salvajemente a Diana Sacayán
En la madrugada del 10 de agosto, la activista trans y candidata a ser miembro de conducción de la Unión de Trabajadores de Prensa de Buenos Aires (UTPBA) por la lista Celeste y Blanca, Diana Sacayán, fue salvajemente agredida por un individuo en la Estación de Laferrere y abandonada luego por las fuerzas de seguridad. Motivo de la golpiza recibida, Sacayán tuvo que someterse a una intervención y actualmente se encuentra bajo supervisión psicológica.
Repudiamos las brutales agresiones contra Diana Sacayán

Una trans en un cuerpo de varones
Angeles Beatriz Alvarez entró a Bomberos Zapadores siendo varón. De día se calzaba el uniforme y de noche se maquillaba, se vestía de mujer y subía como transformista a un escenario. Angeles es bombera de la policía de la provincia de Santa Fe y travesti. Es una de las principales responsables de que el cuerpo de bomberos incluya hoy a muchas mujeres voluntarias. También es una de las apercibidas por denunciar, a raíz de la tragedia de Rosario, situaciones precarias y falta de materiales.