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segunda-feira, setembro 09, 2013

Obama se reúne con activistas LGTB rusos en San Petersburgo
El presidente de los Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, se reunió este viernes en San Petersburgo con representantes de colectivos de defensa de los derechos humanos, entre ellos activistas LGTB, antes de abandonar suelo ruso tras haber participado en la cumbre del G20. Durante más de una hora los activistas expusieron a Obama, entre otras materias relacionadas con los derechos humanos, la grave situación que vive el colectivo LGTB ruso. Obama les prometió ayuda en todo lo que estuviera en su mano aunque también les expuso sus limitaciones.

'Even transgenders are entitled to protection by State'
"I want to feel safe while I walk down the street. I want men to realize that it is not OK or acceptable to pass lewd comments on me and that I am protected from verbal abuse by law. I want the right to choose what I wear in public, no matter if it is a salwar suit, a sari or a miniskirt. I want to know that my country offers me equal rights and protection as a citizen!" Honey, a transgender from Patna, one among some 70 participants of a 'Hijra Habba' held in a hotel in Patna over the weekend made her point loud and clear.

[Sri Lanka]
Sri lanka steps up anti-gay persecution
The Commonwealth nation of Sri Lanka, which the United Nations is warning is turning into an authoritarian state, has begun to step up its repression of its glbti citizens, according to human rights workers.
Sri Lanka begins ‘systematic targeting’ of gays

The two faces of Thai tolerance
Tourism authorities are trying to market Thailand as a 'pink' destination, but local gay and transgender activists say the campaign disguises a darker reality _ that beneath the veneer of public tolerance, conservatism and discrimination remain rife

Tribunal australiano autoriza dois adolescentes a mudarem de sexo
Um tribunal australiano autorizou dois adolescentes a iniciarem um tratamento hormonal para mudarem de sexo, após concluir que a medida contribui para o seu bem-estar psicológico, informa hoje a imprensa local.
Court allows teens to begin sex change

Chelsea Manning Files Formal Pardon Request
Seeking pardon from President Barack Obama on Wednesday, the transgender Army private responsible for the biggest intelligence leak in U.S. history said that she acted "out of a concern for my country and the world that we live in."

California Legislature Passes Trans Birth Certificate Bill
Assembly Bill 1121, which would provide transgender Californians with a more streamlined process of changing their names and gender markers on birth certificates, passed by a vote of 56-18.
Legislature passes Toni Atkins bill to aid transgender Californians with name changes, identity documents

Conference brings Nathan Phelps and other speakers to discuss transgender issues
The inspiration for the TransKansas conference came to Stephanie Mott in February 2010, when she was attending a similar conference elsewhere in the country.

MoCo police trying to locate missing transgender teen
Detectives from the Montgomery County Police Family Crimes Division are asking for the public's help in locating a missing teen who is described as transgender.
Nathaniel Martin-Malone, age 15, was last seen Saturday, Sept. 7 at 5:50 p.m. in the 2700 block of Norbeck Road in Silver Spring. Martin-Malone is described as an African-American male, approximately 5'03" tall and 160 pounds.

Masiva concurrencia en marcha por la diversidad sexual en Valparaíso
El alegre y colorido recorrido comenzó en Plaza Sotomayor y continuó hasta el Parque Italia.