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quinta-feira, setembro 12, 2013

Leo Waddell, Transgender Pre-Teen, Denied Hormone Treatment To Prevent Puberty
A 12-year-old transgender boy is fighting alongside his mother after a British medical practitioner denied his request for hormone blockers that would halt the onslaught of puberty on his biologically female body.

Huntingdonshire council draws up sex change policy
Staff at Huntingdonshire District Council who may undergo a sex change are to be protected by new rules.

Transgender man gives birth in Germany
A transgender man has given birth to his first child in Germany and wants to be registered as the baby's father.
Man who gave birth faces court battle to be father
Birth Fathers: Trans Parenthood Tests Berlin Authorities

Parlamentares consideram proibição de cirurgias de correcção de sexo, entre outras
O parlamento lituano pondera 5 alterações à lei actual que ferem gravemente os direitos humanos da comunidade LGBT da Lituânia.
Lithuania to consider five anti-gay, anti-trans bills
Lithuania plans to ban trans surgery
Parliament to consider five separate anti-gay and anti-trans bills

Russian activists have mixed reactions to Obama meeting
Russian activists who attended a meeting last week with President Obama in St. Petersburg came away with mixed feelings about the event, with one claiming Obama told them he couldn’t make human rights the lone priority in U.S.-Russia relations.
Gay Activists Protest During G20 Summit

Osaka district becomes first Japanese government area to support LGBT inclusion
Yodogawa ward in the city of Osaka has become the first government area to officially support the inclusion of LGBTs, passing a groundbreaking resolution

AFL-CIO adds protections for transgender workers to its constitution
The AFL-CIO, the largest federation of unions in the United States, amended its constitution Monday to ban discrimination on the basis of gender identity or gender expression.

Denton County authorities investigating murder of transgender woman
The Denton County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the death of transgender woman Artegus Konyale Madden.
Madden, 34, who went by Konyale Madden on Facebook, was found dead in her home on Hayden Lane in Savannah Estates by friends on Sunday, Sept. 1, Sgt. Larry Kish told the Denton Record-Chronicle. Savannah is a small town east of Denton.
Officials identify person found dead at Savannah Estates off U.S. 380
Artegus Konyale Madden

Cómo vive una chica trans detenida en una cárcel de varones
Emilce tiene una identidad de género femenina, pero permanece alojada en un pabellón con homosexuales y otras seis transexuales; en el servicio penitenciario la tratan de "él"; se desconoce la ley de identidad de género vigente