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sexta-feira, setembro 20, 2013

[União Europeia]
Amnistia Internacional emite novo relatório sobre direitos das comunidades LGBTI
O relatório da Amnistia Internacional reporta que, em alguns estados membros como a Itália, Grécia e Croácia, os governos ignoram a violência e discriminação e insta a União Europeia a enfrentar a homofobia, transfobia e discriminação sofridos pela comunidade LGBTI.
An intolerant continent: Europe’s shocking attitude to gay people creating a climate of fear
Anti-LGBT Violence Runs Unchecked in Some EU Countries

PR: aluna transexual recorre ao Estado para usar nome feminino na escola
Em Curitiba, uma estudante transexual de 15 anos recorreu à Seed (Secretaria da Educação do Paraná) para poder ser tratada pelo nome social na escola particular em que estuda. Apesar de seu registro civil trazer um nome masculino, a aluna quer ser chamada pelo nome social feminino. A secretaria formou uma comissão para estudar o caso.

Italy steps towards recognising complexity of gender identity
Lucia is a 50-year-old transsexual: she is a woman although, anatomically, she is male. She lives in the town of Arco in the province of Trento, northern Italy, and the court of Rovereto has permitted her to change the gender on her official documents even though she has not undergone reassignment surgery. This is the first case in Italy in which the person who has applied for the official recognition of gender change has not had any surgery, not even a breast implant.

Anti-Gay Law Blamed in Visa Denial
U.S. pop star Selena Gomez has been forced to cancel two concerts in Russia after indirectly falling victim to Russia's anti-gay law, concert organizers said Thursday.

Vietnam’s Next Top Model show hits controversy
There was plenty of controversy surrounding the story behind 23-year old Jenna Talackova when she was disqualified for being a contestant in last year’s Miss Universe pageant for not being a “natural born woman”.

Sydney MP introduces bill to stop religious schools discriminating against LGBT students
Independent MP Alex Greenwich wants the New South Wales State Parliament to pass a bill which would prevent religious schools from expelling, punishing and refusing to accept students because of their LGBT status

Trans community responds to proposed Marriage Equality Bill
The nation’s gay and lesbian community may be rejoicing at the ACT’s introduction of the Marriage Equality Bill into the ACT Legislative Assembly, but the country’s intersex, transgender and gender diverse communities are asking where is their legislation?

[New Zealand]
Top Surgery No longer Offered by Auckland Surgeon
Auckland surgeon, Wayne Jones, says due to an increase in workload he can no longer provide trans* and gender diverse patients with chest reconstruction surgery covered under the public health system.

NCTE Applauds Landmark EEOC Settlement for Transgender Worker; Urges All Victims of Bias to File Complaints
The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) applauds the work of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Lambda Legal in reaching a landmark settlement on behalf of a transgender victim of job discrimination. Cory McCreery, an employee at a grocery store in South Dakota, was fired after announcing her plan to transition.

SUHSD agrees to research new state transgender legislation
Opposition was expressed during last week’s Siskiyou Union High School District board of trustees meeting to the California bill that gives transgender students the right to compete on sports teams and use facilities such as locker rooms and bathrooms based on their gender identity.

ACLU of Florida Files Complaint Over Transgender Student's Discrimination
Back in July, we told you about transgender nursing student Alex Wilson, who was told by administrators at Pinellas Technical Education Centers that she could not use the ladies' restroom and was forced to walk across campus to use a single-person's restroom instead. The school also allegedly threatened to press charges against Wilson if she continued to use the ladies' room, which would mean an end to getting a nursing degree.

Leicester topless woman turning heads
One local woman is turning heads. Whether it’s riding her bike or driving a car Stacey Schnee’s lack of clothing has some people upset.

Targeting Oppression
Overlaying the woodland camouflage pattern on her T-shirt, thin pink lines swirl together into a scene of butterflies hovering over cowering riot police and flames rising in the background. Ariel Howland, a recent graduate of the University of Oregon’s Department of Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS), has some major beefs with the establishment — patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism, etc.

Transgender teen wins ACLU award for civil rights, liberty after fight with Red Lion district
Issak Wolfe, a transgender teen who fought with the Red Lion Area School District last year over prom and graduation issues, was given the Peter J. Shellem Award by the South Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the ACLU on Tuesday.

Araguz seeks appeal in court today
A district court of appeals is expected to hear today the case of a transgender widow who was denied the death benefits of her husband, a Wharton firefighter killed in the line of duty.
Transgender Widow Fights for Inheritance
Legitimacy of Transgender Woman's Marriage Discussed in Court

La diversidad sexual víctima del conflicto armado en Colombia
“Nadie será sometido a desaparición forzada, a torturas ni a tratos o penas crueles, inhumanos o degradantes”, señala la constitución política de Colombia, sin embargo, 347 declaraciones de personas LGBTI, que aseguran haber sido víctimas del conflicto armado, figuran en el Registro Único de Víctimas. Durante dos días, víctimas LGBTI cuestionaron, reflexionaron y buscaron posibles soluciones al conflicto armado interno.
Being LGBT In Colombia: Victims Of Hatred, Casualties Of Civil War
La población LGBTI en el cese del conflicto