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quarta-feira, setembro 18, 2013

Budapest to be the host city for the next Transgender Council
The first ever council held in Eastern Europe will take place in Hungary a country which is an excellent site for building bridges between Eastern and Western Europe. Budapest is one of the most beautiful historical capitals in Europe. Often called the Little Paris of Middle Europe, or the Pearl of the Danube, Budapest located at the crossroads of West and East making it a perfect place for opening dialogues.

Horsham model Nicole Gibson stars in London just days before gender operation
Model Nicole Gibson stunned the audience as she took to the catwalk in London – just days before undergoing gender-reassignment surgery in London.
On Thursday Nicole, 32, will head to Charing Cross Hospital in London for surgery.

Agressor do martelo condenado por crime de ódio
Um ataque a uma mulher transexual no centro de Copenhaga, em Junho passado, originou uma condenação, na última Quarta-Feira, por crime de ódio, naquela que é considerada a primeira do género na Dinamarca, segundo o jornal Politiken.

WATCH: Russian Lawyer Comes Out as Trans In Protest of Anti-LGBT Laws
Masha Bast, a human rights lawyer in Russia, revealed that she is transgender and spoke out against her country's violent crackdown on LGBT people.

Hard for transsexuals to find acceptance
There is still not much acceptance for transsexuals here, experts say.
That's because mainstream society is still not comfortable with the notion of transgender identity, say psychiatrists and people who work with the transgender community here.

Cross-dresser is thankful wife accepts him as woman
Bridget (not her real name), 36, is opting to remain physically male, so she can remain married to someone she considers the love of her life.
The landscaper, 36, says: "It's a compromise. If it weren't for my family, I probably would have gone for a sex change operation.

Confessions of a transsexual
Despite her engagement falling through earlier this month, Miss Sarah Schmitzkova, 25, considers herself lucky.
Lucky because she had her family's support when she decided to have gender reassignment surgery in Thailand in 2009.

Only son wants to marry girlfriend, then go for sex change
Though Lyn intends to go for her sex reassignment surgery next year, she also wants to marry her girlfriend of eight years.
They've been together for eight years and met during secondary school, says the 23-year-old, who requests that we call her a she even if she has not legally changed her sex yet.

So resolute to turn from prostitute to respected worker
This local transgender woman says that the discrimination got so bad, she turned to prostitution to make ends meet.
The 37-year-old, who wants to be known only as Jolian, was born male.

Transgender father denied by Osaka court to be recognized as legal parent
A 31-year old transgender man filed to register himself as the legal father of an infant born to his wife through artificial insemination. However, the Osaka Family Court denied the application on Friday for the reason that the infant and the transgender parent do not have a biological relationship.

State school review makes life easier for transgender pupils
Boy-girl sporting teams, neutral uniforms and mixed toilets and change rooms will all be promoted under a plan to downplay gender in state schools.

10-year-old transgender girl wages battle to change identification rules
A 10-year-old Comox girl has started a campaign to stop what she sees as bullying every time she crosses the border to visit her grandmother.
The problem, Harriette Cunningham says, is that her passport says she’s a boy.
10-year-old transgender girl on Vancouver Island lobbies for ID change

Suspect identified in Baldwin Park motel slaying
A suspect has been identified in the beating death of a 26-year-old Baldwin Park man found dead inside a motel room earlier this week, officials said.

Beating victim had been key witness in BR fatal shooting
A Baton Rouge man beaten to death Thursday had feared for his life after implicating the triggerman in the January fatal shooting of Keith Matthews, police department records show, a case in which he was to be the key witness.

Islan Nettles Murder Case Becomes Increasingly Complicated As Investigators Appeal To Public
Frustrated investigators trying to solve the beating death of a transgendered Harlem woman are appealing to the public for help in a case that is becoming increasingly complicated, DNAinfo New York has learned.

Former student sues Pitt
A transgender man who was expelled from Pitt’s Johnstown branch campus in 2012 is now suing the University and some of its officials.
Pitt faces suit from man questioned about threats

S.D. transgender woman wins settlement in wrongful termination suit
A transgender woman in South Dakota who was terminated from her job after she informed her employer that she would be taking steps to transition from male to female, has won a $50,000 settlement in her wrongful termination lawsuit.
S.D. worker wins $50K in settlement over anti-trans bias
Victory! Lambda Legal Helps South Dakota Transgender Employee Win Landmark Settlement After Wrongful Termination
Trans Woman Wins Landmark Settlement in S.D. Discrimination Suit
In My Own Words: Cori McCreery

WATCH: Trans widow Nikki Araguz denied marriage license
Transgender widow Nikki Araguz, who plans to marry her fiancé on Wednesday after an appeals court hears her case, was denied a marriage license in Harris County.
Transgender woman denied marriage license due to Texas’ gay marriage ban

First Gang Member Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder of Trans Rapper
Ashanti McAlister, 19, was found guilty of intentional homicide in the killing of 22-year-old Evon Young, a transgender rapper in Milwaukee.

Ultiman a hombre en Zamora
Un homosexual que laboraba en la zona de bares de esta localidad, fue encontrado sin vida en el interior de su domicilio, donde fue estrangulado; el cuerpo ya estaba en estado de descomposición.

"Mi hija ha sido chupada por la secta Comunidad Homosexual Argentina"
A continuación, Urgente24 publica la carta de "una madre desesperada" ante la inminente operación de cambio de sexo de su hija de 22 años, quien -asegura la mujer- "ha sido chupada por la secta CHA" que "la ha convencido, pese a opiniones profesionales en contrario, de que debe operarse". La intervención quirúrgica incluye "ablación de senos, útero e injerto de un pene artificial".