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sábado, outubro 05, 2013

Xbox One Presenter Humiliated Me on Stage, Says Transgender Journalist
A journalist says she was "completely dehumanised" on stage during an Xbox One Event at Eurogamer Expo 2013, by a comedian who made degrading jokes about her gender. Eurogamer Expo says it is investigating the matter.
Trans gamer left 'completely dehumanised' following Microsoft Xbox event

Transsexual wine queen wields tiara for rights
Claudia Schmidt initially seems like a typical 'wine queen' (Weinkönigin). She's got the flowing white dress, long silk gloves and very sparkly tiara - and lit up the otherwise downbeat Greens election party at Berlin's Columbiahalle last Sunday.

Transgenders get own identity with ‘Others’ box in DL application
For the transgender community in Karnataka, it's a big step forward in their quest for equality under the law with their male and female fellow-citizens.

[China/Hong Kong]
HK to establish one-stop sex-change center
Hong Kong announced a plan on Thursday to establish a medical center to provide one-stop service for transsexuals at the Prince of Wales Hospital, according to the Hong Kong-based Ta Kung Pao.

Beauty contest embraces third gender
A transgender woman will represent Myanmar in the Miss International Queen 2013 pageant to be held on October 27 - November 1 in Pattaya, Thailand.

Transexual pleads guilty to vicious attack on lover
William Hanz De Veyra Arriesgado, a transsexual, pleaded guilty to a vicious attack on his lover. He had attacked him with a knife, a pair of scissors, and a metal fork.

Transgender Lieutenant Colonel Cate McGregor counselled after online outburst
Army chief David Morrison's speechwriter was formally counselled for lashing out against online criticism of her transgender status only days after penning his landmark "get out'' speech demanding higher standards.

Bye bye Dickey: this boy cuts it as a girl
Sianne Tate is a showgirl. She says she does it so she can become bigger than life on stage while it also gives her protection.

[New Zealand]
More changes for transgender prisoners needed
While commending the Corrections minister for the change in policy on housing transgender prisoners, a leading advocate for the change says there are more changes needed.

Transgender service members want to be open about who they are
The battle over gays in the military isn't over quite yet.

Trans Woman Killed in Hollywood Hit-and-Run
Police say Unique McKenzie slipped off a sidewalk in Hollywood early Saturday morning, when she was struck and killed by a passing car.

Transgender homecoming queen joins NoH8 campaign
The California teen that made the news last week as the first transgender teenager to win the title of homecoming queen at Marina High School, has joined Adam Bouska’s NOH8 campaign.
Trans Homecoming Queen Poses for NOH8 Campaign
Transgender homecoming queen fights bullying with NOH8 photo

California wife comes out as lesbian to husband, who in turn comes out as transgender
The Kaufmans came out of the closet together. Although the revelations ended their marriage, they remain best friends.

More healthcare choices for transgender Colorado residents
LGBT activists are cheering the announcement that another health insurance plan will offer services for transgender Colorado residents.

Case of assault on drag performer expected to be dropped
A D.C. Superior Court judge on Friday approved a plea bargain agreement expected to result in the dismissal of a charge of simple assault against the second of two women accused of dragging a gay male drag performer by the hair at a D.C. carry-out pizzeria in June that was captured on video.

Transgender Day of Remembrance~
The DC Observance of the Transgender Day of Remembrance will take place Wednesday November 20th at 6:00 PM at the Metropolitan Community Church of Washington (MCC). The MCC church is located at 474 Ridge Street, NW. The Transgender Day of Remembrance was set aside to memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice.

Trans woman stabbed to death in New Jersey
Gay rights organizations are outraged after local media misgenders a trans woman after her death
Eyricka Morgan, Transgender Woman, Allegedly Murdered In New Jersey
Newspaper under fire for not using the name of transgender crime victim
New Jersey Paper Refuses to Correct Coverage of Trans Woman's Murder
Another Day, Another Dead Black Transwoman Misgendered By The Media

Primera boda transexual en Tabasco
En el municipio de Cárdenas, se llevó a cabo la primera "boda transexual" de la entidad. Grecia Estefanía Caztelazo se sometió a cirugías y un proceso legal para convertirse en mujer oficialmente, y poder casarse.
En Cárdenas se realiza la primera boda transexual en Tabasco
Acudió al Tribunal para hacer su sueño realidad

Lo que ha dejado la polémica “Mujer T Bogotá”
as voces en contra y a favor de “Mujer T Bogotá”, uno de los eventos planeados para la III Semana de la Diversidad Sexual y de Géneros de la ciudad, dejaron mensajes importantes.

Trans Six-Year-Old Is Argentina's Youngest to Amend Gender on Birth Certificate
A six-year-old girl who was assigned male at birth won her legal battle to change her national ID card and birth certificate to reflect her accurate gender.
Argentinean trans girl receives right to change birth certificate