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segunda-feira, setembro 30, 2013

10 Key U.S. Allies With Antigay Laws Even Worse Than Russia's
When President Vladimir Putin signed the anti-gay "propaganda" bill on June 30th, he was playing politics. In the name of both protecting children and opposing "Western values," he could curry favor with citizens and draw their attention away from other issues, like Russia's rising unemployment.

US Secretary of State speaks at UN's LGBT ministerial event
'We all know that as societies become more inclusive, they become better partners within the global community...'
UN holds top level meeting on the need to protect LGBT rights

Advogada trans na luta à presidência
Masha Bast, a advogada transexual de direitos humanos russa que recentemente se assumiu como trans e bissexual, pensa concorrer à presidência da Rússia em 2018.

Marginalized LGBT community struggles to find a place
eing gay makes you a criminal in Kenya. The penalty if you are caught is 14 years in prison.

27 eunuchs jailed for disturbing peace in court
Two groups quarrel over collection of money; also manhandle, thrash advocate

[China/Hong Kong]
Hong Kong to get its first sex-change centre
Transsexuals will have facility dedicated to their needs at Prince of Wales Hospital amid greater demand for gender reassignment

Women's foundation pushes bill to protect pregnant students, transsexuals
The Women's Health Advocacy Foundation is putting pressure on the government to pass the Reproductive Health Rights Promotion and Protection Act, which if successful, would give pregnant students the legal right to continue their studies, while allowing transsexuals the right choose their sex.

Transgender Lt Col pays tribute to mental health professionals
Three years ago, Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm McGregor AM met a psych triage nurse on duty at the Royal Military College, Duntroon.

New anti-discrimination laws for Tasmania
A number of new amendments to the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act will safeguard against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

[New Zeland]
Prison choices for transgender inmates
The Corrections Minister says it is possible an anatomically male transgender inmate could be placed in a womens' prison under new changes to regulations.

Protesto a jornal por artigo transfóbico
Um jornal diário de Thunder Bay foi alvo de um protesto a semana passada.

Cher Talks Chaz Bono's Transitioning: 'It's A Strange Change For A Mother To Go Through'
Cher gave a candid interview to Britain's Sunday Times about son Chaz Bono's transitioning, saying that "it's a strange thing for a mother to go through."

California theology professor booted from Christian college after coming out as transgender
After spending years struggling with depression, Heath Adam Ackley has finally embraced his identity as a transgender man. But that put him at odds with Azusa Pacific University, a Christian evangelical university where he's taught for 15 years.
Students on campus respond to transgender professor

Trans activist Melenie Eleneke dies at 52
Melenie Mahinamalamalama Eleneke, transgender rights activist, hula dancer and devoted auntie and sister, died peacefully of natural causes in her sleep the morning of Sept. 9 at her home in Daly City, Calif., according to her friend Ricky Everett. She was 53.

Transgender homecoming royalty still face bullying
It's Homecoming season! A time for high schools and colleges to celebrate their school pride. One key activity in many homecoming celebrations is the coronation of a homecoming king and queen. When LGBT students are crowned as homecoming royalty, it often makes headlines, but unfortunatley the media does not always represent these students fairly and accurately.
Laverne Cox to trans homecoming queen: You are loved, survive & thrive
Trans homecoming queen gracefully transcends haters by posing for NOH8

ACLU Files Complaint on Behalf of Transgender Nursing Student
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida is intervening on behalf of a transgender nursing student at Pinellas Technical Education Centers (PTEC) who was told she is not allowed to use the women’s restrooms at her school.

Transgender Health Fair Coming Up
The annual transgender health fair continues to grow, with one-stop shopping for transgender health care professionals, service providers and supportive organizations specifically for the "T"s in the LGBT family.

CC ampara a presos homosexuales
La Corte de Constitucionalidad apoyó un recurso de amparo otorgado por un juez a favor de dos presos homosexuales a quienes la dirección penitenciaria les prohibió usar el pelo largo y que vistieran ropas femeninas en la prisión.

Uruguay busca mejorar situación de la población trans
Tras la aprobación del matrimonio entre homosexuales, el gobierno de Uruguay apunta a mejorar la situación en la que vive la población "trans", considerada la más excluida del sistema educativo y el mercado laboral.
Uruguay busca mejorar situación de personas transgénero

Sigue la polémica por el nene de 6 años cuya madre pide DNI de nena
La Comunidad Homosexual Argentina coordina acciones con INADI para lograr que obtenga DNI femenino. El Registro Nacional de las Personas se lo denegó porque es menor de 14 años.
Identidad autopercibida: al final Lulú tendrá el DNI con su nombre
Provincia le hizo caso a Nación y cambiará el sexo en el DNI de Lulú
The transgender six-year-old: Child who was born a boy is given a new identity after insisting her parents call her Lulu
Six-year-old becomes first transgender child in Argentina to change identity