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terça-feira, outubro 01, 2013

At UN meeting, countries commit to protect gay rights, combat discrimination
Countries attending the first ministerial meeting held at the United Nations on the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals today reaffirmed their commitment to work together to combat discrimination and protect the rights of all human beings regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Gays More Deadly Than Tsunamis and Earthquakes, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh tells UN
President of Gambia Yahya Jammeh addresses the UN General assembly in New York
The president of Gambia used his address to the United Nations General Assembly to accuse gays and lesbians of being one of the three "biggest threats to human existence. "

Test drive: repórter se monta para sentir na pele a transfobia em plena Avenida Paulista
Dentro do banheiro da loja de maquiagem Adóoogo Make Up, do Dicesar, o Nelson Neto transcendia para outra esfera da realidade enquanto tirava a calça, a camiseta, a camisa e a boina. Naquela tarde, olhei pela última vez no espelho e me vi como Nelson. Coloquei a meia-calça, o vestido vermelho bordeaux e preto e fui em direção ao Dicesar, que me esperava com toda a sua linha de produtos para me transformar em uma mulher. Elogios de quem entrava na loja não faltavam para o trabalho impecável do artista que dava vida ao meu lado feminino. Até que depois de cerca de 45 minutos a cadeira se levanta. Olho para o espelho e não me reconheço, vejo apenas: “Ana Clara! Acho legal um nome feminino”, diz Dicesar, me batizando. Toda minha confiança e dignidade estavam em cima de um salto quinze e vestido curto.

April Ashley: from Vogue lingerie model to transgender icon
A new exhibition celebrates the life and courage of Ashley, who was one of the first people in the world to undergo gender reassignment surgery
Museum of Liverpool and Homotopia open major April Ashley exhibition
Museum opens major exhibition on April Ashley and British trans lives
Britain's first transsexual reveals: Elvis wanted me, Michael Hutchence had me, but I fancied John Prescott

Facebook dating leads to transgender’s murder in Thailand
Victim stabbed to death by younger sex partner in a hotel over money dispute
Facebook led to the killing of a 38-year-old transgender woman in a beach resort province in Thailand.

Japan’s world boxing champ struggles with sex identity
Go Shindo conquers bullying, alcoholism and suicidal thoughts to come out

[New Zealand]
Transgender prisoner policy start date unknown
It's too early yet to say when a new policy of housing transgender prisoners according to the gender they identify with will come into effect, according to the Corrections Department.

Army evaluating Chelsea Manning for gender dysphoria, says her lawyer
A military prison is assessing Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning, for gender dysphoria, says her lawyer.
Chelsea Manning awaits diagnosis in prison before possible hormone therapy

Transgender teen running for Azusa High homecoming queen
Patrick Cordova Goff started his homecoming week at 4:45  a.m. Tuesday. The Azusa High senior needed to get to campus early that morning to post campaign fliers before the rest of the students arrived, promoting his run on the homecoming court.
Transgender teen falls short in bid for Azusa High homecoming queen

Christian university fires female professor who says she is now a ‘male eunuch’
Azusa Pacific University, a Christian non-denominational college, has fired a female professor after she declared herself “transgender” and requested the school pay for her sex-change operation.

A Transgender woman killed by a Hit and Run Driver in Hollywood
Yet another fatal hit-and-run in the hit-and-run capitol of the US.
LAPD said a transgender woman was struck and killed this morning by a driver who fled the scene.
Transgender Woman, 22, Killed In Hollywood Hit-And-Run
Police Search for Driver in Deadly Hollywood Hit-and-Run

Second Defendant in Drag Beating Gets Community Service
Second woman accused in Manny & Olga's beating pleads guilty in exchange for deferred-sentencing agreement

Wife killer gripes that judges dawdling on sex-change ruling
As he awaits word on whether his landmark taxpayer-funded sex-change operation will go forward, convicted transgender wife killer Michelle Kosilek is feeling his age and “anxiety,” he wrote in a letter this month to U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Juan R. Torruella.
Kosilek feeling anxious about sex-change ruling

Transgender woman sues plasma collection company for rejecting donation
Her lawsuit in federal court contends that a plasma collection center discriminated against her when it refused to allow her to be a donor.

Minn. transgender student vies for homecoming king
A transgender student has lost his bid to become homecoming king at Hopkins High School.

Boarding House Victim was Transgender Woman and Advocate, Friends Say
Friends of a slain New Brunswick resident are mourning the loss of a lively young person.
N.J. Trans Woman Murdered, Media Misgenders Victim
New Brunswick man charged with stabbing man to death in city boarding house
Star-Ledger newspaper repeatedly misgenders trans woman killed in New Jersey

Asesinado miembro de la comunidad LGBTI en el Atlántico

Argentine child allowed sex change on official documents
The authorities in Argentina have approved an official gender change for a six-year-old child.