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terça-feira, outubro 08, 2013

Seminário aborda fragilidade do atendimento de saúde à população trans
O seminário “Identidades Trans e Políticas Públicas de Saúde: Contribuições da Psicologia”, realizado na quinta-feira (14/3), em São Paulo, traçou um panorama importante sobre o nível do atendimento psicológico às travestis, transexuais e transgêneros na rede pública de saúde. A necessidade de mudanças por meio do acolhimento adequado, com orientação e um olhar voltado para a despatologização da transexualidade foi unanimidade entre os representantes das entidades que compuseram a mesa de abertura e a maioria dos participantes.

Travesti é morto a pauladas em Marituba
Bruno Nascimento Chagas, de 22 anos, foi assassinado a pauladas, por volta da 6 horas de domingo(6), na rua 1º de Janeiro, próximo à passagem Paulo Cícero, no bairro União, município de Marituba. Segundo os policiais militares, os primeiros a chegar à cena do crime, Bruno era travesti e conhecido como "Brunete".

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopts historical intersex resolution
ILGA-Europe and OII Europe Statement on the adoption of a historical intersex resolution by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

London: Man accused of stabbing transgender woman to death in her bedroom
A man stabbed a transgender woman to death in her north London bedroom before leaving her decomposing body undiscovered for more than a month, the Old Bailey has heard.

From Sam to Samantha: Digger driver swaps hard hat for jewellery and make up after changing from a man to a woman
Sam, 47, shocked fellow builders when he said: 'Call me Samantha'
Samantha had struggled with her male gender since the age of five
She was married twice and has three children with three women
Her third partner convinced her to seek help - and the transition began
She now hopes to ditch the hard hat and work as a transgender consultant
Digger-driving father-of-three shocks building site workmates by becoming a woman

Belgian helped to die after three sex change operations
A transsexual has been helped to die by doctors in Belgium, after a series of failed sex-change operations.
Trans man chooses death after botched surgical transition

Russia ‘gay propaganda’ law may fall after historic court ruling
A Russian judiciary court has agreed with an international ruling, a sign they could be forced to in years to come to repeal the federal law

Has government woken up to transgenders' rights?
CM's first-ever meeting with the LGBT community today may result in a host of welfare programmes.

First conclave for transgenders in city today
In Maharashtra's first ever conclave for the transgender community to be held in Mumbai Thursday, a Memorandum of Transgender/Hijra Rights will be presented to Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan. Among a number of welfare measures sought by the marginalised community, is the immediate need of carrying out a census of transgenders, bringing about reservations for the community and special legal protection against discrimination on the basis of sex.

Passport delays keep transgenders grounded
Getting a passport is supposed to take around 45 days. But Akkai Padmashali, a transgender and sexual minorities activist, had to wait 95 days to get hers.

Tasmania protects trans and intersex people in anti-discrimination law reform
Tasmania took a significant step towards equality last week with the state parliament’s passage of the Anti-Discrimination Amendment Bill 2012, extending legal protections on the grounds of gender identity and intersex status for the first time.

[New Zealand]
Transgender Prisoner Rights Issues
Transgender people are especially vulnerable in prisons due to the disconnect between their state-recognised gender and their personal, inherent gender identity.Transgender Prisoner Rights Issues

Kin Selection And How Transgender Males Might Have Been An Asset In Some Ancestral Societies
Transgendered androphilic males may have been accepted in ancient hunter-gatherer cultures because they were an extra set of hands to support their families, according to a new article in Human Nature.
Transgendered Males Seen as an Asset to Some Ancestral Societies

Hate Crime Laws Don’t Prevent Violence Against LGBT People
The mainstream LGBT movement—including national groups such as the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and Lambda Legal Defense, as well as many local state advocacy groups—often disagrees within itself on political priorities, policy implementation and even basic strategies regarding social justice issues.

Funding Sex Reassignment for Veterans
The Department of Veteran Affairs still does not provide coverage for the surgery—a treatment that standards say is medically necessary for some.

[USA] [History]
Gwen Araujo
Gwen Araujo was a transgender teen who was the victim of a brutal murder. Her attack brought national attention to the issue of violence against transgender people.

Azusa Pacific University Students Rally Behind Embattled Transgender Professor
Students rallied Wednesday behind a theology professor who was asked to step down from his position after coming out as transgender to officials at a Christian university.
Haven holds demonstration during Ackley’s last week

Anti-transgender effort prompts Manteca teen to file AG complaint
Ashton Lee — a 16-year-old Manteca High student at the vanguard of the successful effort to secure transgender rights in California public schools — is now making sure those trying to repeal the new law play fair.
CA: Transgender Student Files Complaint Against Fringe Anti-LGBT Group for Operating Illegally

The Man Behind NOM’s New War on Transgender Students
The team that once seemed on track to rid the nation of gay marriage is back with a new target: transgender students. Caitlin Dickson on the man leading the charge.

Trans doctor Danielle Kaufman dies
Dr. Danielle Kaufman, a Bay Area physician who came out as a transgender woman and published a groundbreaking book with her wife, who came out as a lesbian, was found dead at her Santa Rosa Home Monday, September 30. She was 53.

Students urge preferred name use
Junior Ethan Jackson was called out in the middle of his Kelley School of Business class and accused of cheating on a test last year.
He was registered in the course under his preferred name — Ethan — but because of University policy, his student identification card still had his legal name, the name he no longer responds to, printed on it.

Fenway Health Addresses Disparities and Risks for LBT Women
October is recognized annually as Breast Cancer Awareness month, a time for sharing information on prevention, treatment and resources for those who have suffered or may encounter the disease. According to Catherine Basham, Women’s Health Outreach Coordinator at Fenway Health, sexual orientation or gender identity do not increase the risk of breast cancer, but there are health issues that may affect lesbian, bisexual or transgender women more often due to health disparities for these populations.