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terça-feira, outubro 15, 2013

No âmbito da Semana Pelo Combate à Pobreza e à Exclusão Social, a rede ex aequo irá organizar uma tertúlia no Centro LGBT às 18.30 no dia 18 de Outubro, sob o tema A Exclusão Social de pessoas LGBT.
Estarão presentes na tertúlia, a Lara Crespo do Grupo Transexual Portugal, a Júlia Pereira do GRIT e o Miguel Vale de Almeida. A tertúlia pretende ser um espaço informal onde se discutirão as especificidades da exclusão social de pessoas LGBT. Apreendendo a realidade e os seus contornos é um bom ponto de partida para se tomarem medidas para combater a pobreza e a exclusão social daqueles que se encontram numa posição de risco.
Vem participar nesta tertúlia

European Union should not 'lecture' Africa on gay rights: Diplomat
The EU's most senior official in charge of relations with Africa has said the European Union should stop lecturing the continent about gay rights.

Travesti é morto pelo companheiro em Itapeva

Protestas por la homofobia de estado rusa en la entrega de la antorcha olímpica
Durante la entrega de la antorcha olímpica que tuvo lugar el pasado sábado 5 de octubre en Atenas, decenas de activistas LGTB portaron banderas arcoíris y pancartas que expresaban su protesta por las leyes homófobas vigentes en Rusia.

Kazakhstan’s Parliament Hears Another Call for Anti-Gay Law
A member of Kazakhstan’s parliament has called for a new law banning “homosexual relations,” upping the ante in the homophobic rhetoric that erupts from time to time in the legislature.

Lebanon bans two films in setback for tolerant image
Government censor bans two films from Beirut festival
Bans target homosexuality, temporary "pleasure marriages"
Taboos on sex, religion, politics irk local artists
Líbano prohíbe una película sobre homosexuales por sus imágenes «obscenas»

Gays 'to be barred from entering Gulf'
The routine clinical screening of expatriates coming into the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) might be also used to “detect” homosexuals, a senior Kuwaiti official has said.

More men than women seek sex change: study
Taipei Veterans General Hospital (TVGH) yesterday published the first brain research that targeted transsexualism in the world as well as statistics that showed that more men want to undergo sex reassignment surgery than women do.

Transvestite found stabbed to death in flat
A transvestite was murdered in his rented low-cost flat at Taman Pantai Bersih in Bagan Ajam here.
The body of S. Athiswaran, 31, was covered with blood and his hands and legs were tied with a string. His face was also covered with plastic.
Trans women murdered in Malaysia and Mexico

Push for more Kimberley transgender support
A transgender person living in Western Australia's north says an increase in support services in regional areas would reduce the flow of people to urban centres.
The acceptance of transgender sexual identity in regional Australia

[New Zealand]
Seven 'too young' to decide to stop puberty
Seven is too young to make the decision to medically stop puberty, a medical ethics expert says.
Opinions vary on transgender 7-year old

[New Zealand]
The ADHB Speak Out on the Future of Trans* Health Services
Two senior officers in the Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) have recognised the growing need for specific and targeted services for the trans* and gender diverse communites within the Auckland Sexual Health Services, saying they will lead a regional discussion about these issues.

Transgender people in B.C. win a battle over identity
A policy change underway at the Ministry of Health will remove one barrier to official recognition of gender identity for transgender people in British Columbia, the Times Colonist has learned.

Jordan Catalano, is datchu?
Jean Marc-Vallée's buzzworthy drama about the early days of the AIDS epidemic, Dallas Buyers Club opens Nov. 1 in select theaters, and we're gagging over a newly released clip.

Undocumented Transgender Immigrants Face High Levels Of Discrimination
A new analysis from a large study on transgender discrimination finds alarming rates of mistreatment for those trans people. The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) estimates there are between 15,000 and 50,000 trans undocumented immigrants, though the number may be higher due to individuals hiding their identities. According to the report, this group faces discrimination in employment, housing, and even their treatment within the immigration system.

50 Cent Backs Transgender Teen With ‘Dream School’: ‘I Don’t Have Homophobia’
Once accused of being anti-gay, the rapper talks with TheWrap about how he’s helping a transgender boy

Reuters asks staff if they are 'intersex,' 'transsexual,' 'genderqueer,' male-to-female
The 60,000-strong Thomson Reuters media empire, in an effort to determine its diversity success, is asking its staff of reporters, researchers, marketers and others to pick their sex from nine choices, including “genderqueer,” a category for identities other than man or woman.

Transgender professor advocates for women in science
Ben Barres lounged in a plush leather armchair in his office in the Fairchild Building of the Stanford School of Medicine. The first words out of his mouth after an initial greeting were: “So, are you gay?”

USA to support Ghana on gay rights legislation
The Assistant Secretary, Bureau of African Affairs of the United States of America, Mrs Linda Thomas-Greenfield, has urged African countries to respect gay rights, no matter their sexual orientation. She also expressed the willingness of the United States government in helping Ghana to develop legislations that will protect the people of this nature.

Transgender Professor Loses Position At Evangelical University After His Public Transition
H. Adam Ackley and Azusa Pacific University announced that they theology professor was leaving his position at the university because of their "different views on the theology of human sexuality."
Transgender professor agrees to leave Azusa Pacific University

Trans student banned from Christian university for ‘engaging in fraud’ and ‘concealing identity’
A trans student in California has been banned from a Christian university after administrators revoked her application, claiming she was engaged in “fraud” because of her gender identity.

Student Senate introduces inclusivity with resolution for gender-neutral bathrooms
For Blake Hendricks, avoiding harassment in even the most private of spaces has proved difficult. As the graduate student approached an on-campus restroom, an administrator stood between Hendricks and the stall door, barring their entrance.

Concord students choose transgender student as homecoming king
After Ray Ramsey was crowned Concord High’s homecoming king last weekend, after the cheers from the crowd and hugs from friends, he walked over to his dad. Standing there, his dad grabbed him by the shoulders, looked him in the eye and said, “I am so proud of you.”

Policy would pave way for transgender athletes to participate in Nevada high school sports
The Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association had never fielded an inquiry like this one.
It came during the summer. The question: Would a transgender athlete be eligible to participate in high school sports?

DA Still Trying To Confirm Who Killed Transgender Woman
A second suspect has come forward to admit to fatally beating 21-year-old transgender woman Islan Nettles, complicating the Manhattan DA's efforts to prosecute the case. The Daily News reports that the unnamed suspect said he was too intoxicated to remember the attack, but that "reliable corroborators" have confirmed that he was the assailant.
Prosecutors Need More Time To Figure Out Who Killed Islan Nettles

Sujetos arrojan a transexual de puente en Circuito Interior
Aparentemente, el hombre de unos 35 años de edad fue bajado de un vehículo antes de ser aventado de unos 12 metros de altura
Mexico city Transgender Woman thrown off a bridge dies
Trans women murdered in Malaysia and MexicoTrans women murdered in Malaysia and Mexico

El tercer sexo sale del closet
Hoy, las personas intersexuales, antes llamadas hermafroditas, empiezan a conquistar derechos.

Hundreds March In Paraguay For Gay Rights
Roughly 400 gay people joined a public march in downtown Asuncion, Paraguay on Saturday to demand greater rights.

Mató a su familia, en la cárcel se hizo travesti y ahora se casa
A Marcelo Bernasconi le dieron perpetua por asesinar a su mamá y a su hermano, que no aceptaban su homosexualidad. Ya convertida en Marilyn, conoció en prisión a quien, desde hoy, será su marido.

Una transexual denuncia agresiones en un boliche que debía estar clausurado
El incidente que involucró a Celeste Castro y agentes de la Guardia Urbana Municipal ocurrió la madrugada del sábado pasado en Costello, en avenida Rivadavia entre Santiago y Pueyrredon.