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terça-feira, novembro 12, 2013

Escritor transexual João Nery é recepcionado por Mister Brasil Diversidade em Congresso no MS
O escritor e ativista João W. Nery, um dos pioneiros na questão da transexualidade no Brasil, foi recepcionado pelo Mister Brasil Diversidade, Carlos Gabriel, em sua chegada a Campo Grande, no Mato Grosso do Sul

Kim Pérez pone punto final a la huelga de hambre tras entrevistarse con representantes de PSOE e IU
Buena noticia la que hemos conocido este lunes. Después de cinco días, la activista Kim Pérez ha puesto punto final a su huelga de hambre tras entrevistarse con representantes del PSOE y de IULV-CA, que le han garantizado que sus reivindicaciones serán contempladas en el proyecto de ley integral de transexualidad que antes de fin de año será presentado en el Parlamento andaluz.

Transsexual asks Church to approve marriage
A woman who was born a man and her husband have written to an Italian cardinal to ask the Catholic Church to officially recognize their marriage, four years after they were controversially wedded in a church in Piagge in the central Marche region.

Gender identity also matters
I would be doing a disservice to people with issues on gender identity if I were to say that this is a very serious matter. It is more than that. It is tragic for those who have to live in a society in which persons who can and should help them, do not even want to empathise with their reality, to say the least.

Malta agrees to protect gay and trans people
Politicians reach cross-party agreement on LGBTI change to Constitution as the country also gets ready to pass same-sex civil unions
Cross-party agreement on safeguarding LGBTI rights

LGL welcomes Government’s decision to reject a proposal to ban gender reassignment
In November 2012 three members from the Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats (i.e. A. Matulas, V. M. Čigrijienė and A. Dumčius) submitted a draft amendment to the Civil Code, prohibiting gender reassignment surgeries in Lithuania.

Zambia shackled by homophobic laws
October 24 marked the celebration of 49 years of Zambia's independence. Despite close to a century of independence from Britain, Zambia still holds fast to, and claims as its own, some draconian laws inherited from its colonial masters. One such law is the criminalisation of sodomy, still entrenched in the Zambian Penal Code.

Judge: Mexican Transgender Detainee Is Free to Live in U.S,
An undocumented Mexican transgender woman -- who faced deportation for prostitution convictions while HIV positive -- won release this week from federal custody and is now free to live in the United States.

California Prisoner Alleges Abuse of Gay and Transgender Inmates at Pleasant Valley State Prison
In August, The Rage Monthly received a letter from a gay prisoner at Pleasant Valley State Prison in California. The letter can be described best as a plea for help following alleged inhumane treatment by corrections officers. The prisoner claimed that corrections officers were using the public address system and bullhorns to encourage inmates to beat and brutalize gay and transgender prisoners in Building 1 of D Yard.

University refuses gay student laptop ‘for looking like a girl’
A Florida Atlantic University student is 'distraught' after he was told he looked, acted and sounded like a girl by a librarian

Opening statements expected in hate crime trial
Opening statements are expected Tuesday for a teen accused of trying to kill a transgendered man.

Transgéneros lanzarán campaña: “Nos matan y nadie va preso”
El próximo lunes 28 de Octubre la Asociación Panambi; que nuclea a travestis, transexuales y transgéneros del Paraguay, lanzará esta campaña con el apoyo de Diakonía.

School gives second chance to Buenos Aires transsexuals
For years they have been excluded from mainstream education and often condemned to a life of prostitution, but Buenos Aires has now opened a school for young transvestites and transsexuals.