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domingo, novembro 10, 2013

EU Court ruling a setback for LGBTI refugees
Amnesty International and the International Commission of Jurists reacted angrily today to the decision by a key European court to refuse to rule that the criminalisation of consensual same-sex activity constitutes “persecution” for the purposes of EU asylum law.

Transgender’ man kicked out of social club after disturbing females in the restroom
A twenty-nine-year-old man living as a woman has been expelled from the social club where he had previously been a member after a series of disturbing incidents in the women’s restroom, reports the UK Mirror.

Greek Ombudsman issued positive recommendations for the respect of gender identity & gender expression of trans people in the school environment
The Greek Transgendered Support Association (G.T.S.A), ngo for the support for the rights of transgender people, and “Homophobia in Education”, a group of Teachers, Mental Health Professionals and Sociologists - Social Workers who fight against homophobia and transphobia in education, wish with the present press release to have a “follow-up” on the case of a trans schoolgirl that filed a complaint because of the serious discrimination problems she had to face in the school environment.

20 Year Old Seeks Gender Identity From Court
A 20 year old has petitioned the high court to determine their gender after being named and raised as a female by his parents, but developing male traits in secondary school.

Transgenders allege assault by police at Secretariat
Members of the transgender community on Wednesday alleged they were ill-treated and assaulted by police personnel when they went to the Secretariat to give the Chief Minister a letter containing their grievances.

Transgenders protest denial of inheritance
Two transgender siblings have been evicted from the family home by their brothers in an apparent bid to deprive them of their share of inherited property in Rajgarh, The Express Tribune has learnt.

Transgender people tell lives via photo book
A 68-page photo book titled “In my eyes” featuring the lives of transgender people in Vietnam and how they work to earn a living was released at a namesake seminar held in Ho Chi Minh City on October 24.

Transsexual Says El Monte Cop Raped Her
An El Monte police officer anally raped a transsexual in a parking lot while fondling her penis, the Jane Roe plaintiff claims in Federal Court.
Roe sued the City of El Monte and Police Officer John Doe, who Roe claims was in uniform when he stopped her without cause and sodomized her.

NOM Rejects Transgender Youths Because ‘Nakedness Trumps Sincerity’
The National Organization for Marriage is once again attacking transgender young people as it supports the so-called “Privacy for All Students” campaign to overturn California’s laws protecting transgender students.

'Toxic tush' suspect pleads guilty
A transgender Florida woman accused of injecting toxic substances into women's buttocks pleaded guilty and was sentenced Thursday to a year in prison.
Defendant in Bad Butt Injections Case Pleads Guilty, Sentenced to One Year in Prison

Bamby Salcedo: Building Transgender Equality
Bamby Salcedo works at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles as the HIV prevention-services project coordinator and has been living as a transgender women for half of her life. She also created Angels of Change, a calendar featuring transgender youth. Salcedo will be giving a talk at Westminster College on Oct. 24 (noon, Bill & Vieve Gore School of Business Auditorium,1840 S. 1300 East, 801-832-2822, about building bridges between transgender and nontransgender people and transgender equality.

[Costa Rica]
Mujeres transexuales en la vía josefina
Hago el Alto de siempre, está lloviendo, vuelvo a ver a mi izquierda y está la mujer transexual de siempre; trabajando como siempre, resguardada bajo un techo callejero, revisa su teléfono, lee un mensaje de texto, guarda el celular en el bolso, se persigna, el carro de atrás toca el pito, avanzo.

Brazil Crowns Transgender Beauty Queen in Daring New “Miss T” Contest
Brazil crowned a winner in its second annual Miss T competition, which is winning fans and challenging definitions of femininity and beauty in tradition-bound Latin America. Mac Margolis reports.

Haciendo camino al marchar
Venezolana, militante por los derechos trans y afrodescendiente, Yhajaira Falcón fue la primera travesti en reclamar la ley de identidad de género ante la Justicia. Hace dos meses, fue juzgada y absuelta por un supuesto robo armado que nunca se probó, luego de sufrir tres meses de maltrato físico y psicológico en el pabellón trans del penal de Ezeiza.

Mary Robles: del portazo transexual al abrazo militante
Después de publicar una incendiaria carta de renuncia «irrevocable» a sus tareas de asesora gubernamental en asuntos relacionados con la diversidad sexual, en la que vertió durísimas críticas hacia el gobierno provincial, la señora Mary Robles ha vuelto al redil en el que -en tiempo de elecciones- se amontonan las ovejas militantes.