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quarta-feira, novembro 06, 2013

Hostility toward gays in the Balkans still rife
When he told his parents that he was gay, Djordje was kicked out of his home in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

New European Parliament report in the making on a future EU LGBT equality roadmap
Tomorrow the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) will start working on a new strategy against homophobia and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. The debate can be watched live online from 10.30am CET.

New group for trans people set up in town
A new group for trans people in Eastbourne has been launched.

Peres commutes sentence for prisoner undergoing gender change
President Shimon Peres has commuted the sentence of a prisoner who had appealed to have a 10-months jail sentence commuted to six months of community service.

The memory day of transgender girl Dasha Shtern, who had committed suicide in Ekaterinburg, was held in Ukraine
As lawyer and human rights defender Masha Bast said, the memory day of transgender girl Dasha Shtern fro Ekaterinburg (Russia), who had committed suicide, was held in Ukraine.

The Day of Remembrance was held on Red Square in Moscow: memory day of transgender girl Dasha Shtern, who had committed
The action was held on Red Square in Moscow 19 October 2013: the activists gathered on the square in memory of transgender girl Dasha Shtern, who had committed suicide in Ekaterinburg.

Gulf homosexual ban was ‘just a proposal’: Kuwait chief
Possibility of medical checkup rule changes to be presented to GCC members, says Kuwait foreign ministry undersecretary Khalid Al Jarallah

Put us in kinnar not 'others' category, demand eunuchs
Going by the Election Commission's guidelines to enroll eunuchs as voters for the first time in 2013 assembly elections, Chhattisgarh is all set to witness over 1,421 such voters who fall under the 'others' category.

Transsexuals Are 'Creepy Dickchicks' Who Should Be 'Locked Up' Says Former GOP Official Todd Kincannon
The former leader of South Carolina's Republican party tweeted Monday that he believes transsexual people are “freaks” and that anyone who supports transgender rights “should all be put in a camp.”
Former GOP Official: Trans People Should Be 'Put in a Camp'

Aljazeera America highlights profiling of transgender women by NYPD
On America Tonight, Aljazeera America's flagship show, they take an in-depth look at NYPD's profiling of transwomen. "A young white man standing on one side of Sixth Ave with six condoms in his pocket is following good public health messaging. A black transwoman standing on the other side of Sixth Ave with six condoms in her purse is presumed by police to be standing there for the purpose of engaging in prostitution," says attorney Andrea Richie.

CDC urged to stop denying cancer screenings to transgender women
Two national LGBT-rights organizations are calling on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to re-evaluate a discriminatory policy that denies cancer screenings to transgender women.

Atlanta Pride Trans March ensures 'T' is not silent
The fifth annual Trans March was held Saturday, Oct. 12, at Piedmont Park as part of the official Atlanta Pride activities, leading about 100 marchers through the marketplace in inside the park.

Lewiston Tribune: Transgender Woman Pleads Guilty to Battery
A transgender woman has pleaded guilty to a charge of battery in connection with a confrontation in a Lewiston bar.

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas refuses to add trans protections for employees
The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is refusing to add gender identity protections to its nondiscrimination policy, despite repeated attempts over several months from the Resource Center.