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segunda-feira, novembro 11, 2013

Preocupación por la huelga de hambre de la histórica activista transexual Kim Pérez
El esperado proyecto de ley integral de transexualidad llegará como muy tarde al Parlamento andaluz el próximo 15 de diciembre tras el acuerdo alcanzado entre colectivos trans, Junta de Andalucía y representantes de PSOE e IULV-CA. Un acuerdo forzado por la amenaza de huelga de hambre de representantes de los colectivos, retirada tras el acuerdo. La histórica activista granadina Kim Pérez decidía pese a todo iniciar la huelga, al considerar que hay reivindicaciones fundamentales que no han quedado suficientemente aseguradas. Cuatro días después crece la preocupación por su estado de salud.

Paris Lees: From prison to transgender role model
The annual Pink List named Paris Lees as the most influential lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender figure in the UK. But her rise from being a "silly teenage boy in a prison cell" has been far from simple.

Official Reveals Statistics For Sex Change Operations In Iran
Mohammad Saberi, the head of the Tehran Department of Forensic Psychiatry, has reported that there are eight times as many male-to-female sex change operations in Iran as there are female-to-male operations.

Transgenders assaulted in Pakistan's ex-cricket star's domain
Trans association chief says community faces eviction, police brutality

Despite Gains, Pakistan's Transgender Community Under Attack
Zeba, a transgender rights activist in Pakistan who was born with both male and female sex organs, was resting at home in the Imamia Colony neighborhood of Peshawar when the front door was suddenly kicked open.

Transgender mulls action against cop
A transgender who was booked by Thilagar Thidal police under section 377 (unnatural sex) of the IPC is mulling a defamation suit against a sub-inspector for foisting a case, which was dismissed by the district Judicial Magistrate II after the complainant turned hostile.

Transgender contestant to take on Indian minister in state elections
From dancing in bars, Chamcham Gajbhiya has become a voice of the community, fighting elections and notarizing her 3-yr live-in relationship

Study finds Vietnam’s trans people weighed down by bias
Forced to abandon education due to discrimination, community survives on jobs regarded as lowly, like performing at funerals

The person he wants to be
Samson Learn can’t tuck into his tofu scramble without the ketchup, which, in the midst of a busy Sunday brunch, our server forgot. The stocky blond photographer, who is admittedly a little hungover, looks longingly at the red upside-down bottle sitting just out of reach behind the counter of the Good Food Emporium. The girl behind the counter is concentrating on something tasty at the bottom of a hotpot. His lips tighten. Eager to continue our conversation and sitting closer to the counter, I ask the awkward question, taking her away from the hotpot’s contents to retrieve Sam’s ketchup. He is grateful, and squirts a healthy dose on his plate.

NOM's New Attack on Trans Students: Nudity Trumps Sincerity
The antigay National Organization for Marriage focuses on the genitalia of transgender students in California in its latest fundraising pitch.

Ex-Con Gets 112 Years to Life for Murdering Transgender Woman
An ex-felon has been sentenced to 112 years to life for his second-degree murder conviction for fatally shooting a transgender woman while trying to collect a debt from her in a Hayward motel room two years ago.
Murderer of trans woman sentenced to 112 years to life

Anti-LGBT Group Continues Targeting Transgender Teen On Suicide Watch For ‘Unhealthy Behavior’
The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) has been targeting a transgender teen in Colorado (“Jane Doe“), accusing her of “harassment” simply for using the girls’ bathroom. According to Cristan Williams at TransAdvocate, Jane is now on suicide watch after her family decided she needed immediate professional intervention.
Right-Wingers Won't Stop Harassing Colo. Trans Teen for 'Unhealthy Behavior'
Colo. School Spooks Families With Police Surveillance for Asserting Privacy Rights

Guilty Plea in Stanton Road Stabbing
McBride to be sentenced early 2014 for stabbing transgender woman multiple times

Does the Stonewall Commemorative Plaque Erase Trans People's Role in Riots?
Trans activists say the use of the term 'gay' as an umbrella term erases the historic importance of trans and gender-nonconforming people in the riots that launched the modern LGBT equality movement.

Evidence trail goes cold in trans murder
On 1-year anniversary of Janette Tovar’s death in Oak Cliff, her cousin is urging her friends to tell the truth, other witnesses to come forward