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quinta-feira, novembro 28, 2013

Ele ou ela? Experiência de transexual acerca do vocativo à sua abordagem cotidiana
Inserido na temática da sexualidade, está a transexualidade. Este tem se demonstrado assunto polêmico e abastado de questionamentos. Objetivou conhecer a vivência de transexual relacionada ao vocativo utilizado por diferentes segmentos sociais no que se refere à abordagem pessoal.

Mais uma LGBT é assassinado em Sapé
Severino Justino da Silva, conhecido por ‘Carina’, residente na rua 13 de maio em Sapé, foi assassinada quando dormia, a policia está realizando diligencias no sentido de identificar o autor ou os autores do assassinato da travesti Karina, pessoa muito querida na cidade de Sapé, pelas informações passadas a policia não sabe quais foram os motivos que levaram os criminosos matarem KARINA.

Sports teams show silence solidarity
York’s sports teams showed their respect for Trans Remembrance Day with a minute’s silence last week

Sean Bean wins International Emmy for transvestite role
British actor Sean Bean has won an International Emmy for his work in BBC One drama series Accused.

Transgenders challenge Mahila Court jurisdiction
A question over the gender of the victim and the accused in an immoral trafficking case has put the Mahila Court here at the centre of a raging controversy.

Intersex advocate Hiker Chiu talks to the ‘Taipei Times’ about her/his experiences as an intersex person living in Taiwan
For the first 42 years of her/his life, Hiker Chiu (丘愛芝) didn’t know who she or he was. Born and raised a girl, Chiu liked to play with dolls and dreamed of getting married and having babies. Then at the age of 10, her body stopped growing. While other girls reached puberty, Chiu waited for her first period, which never came. And her breasts didn’t develop as her classmates.

CAP Releases LGBT Detainee Report
Immigration experts share insights on particular challenges for undocumented LGBT immigrants

What Is Chelsea Manning Thankful For?
Transgender army private and Wikileaks informant Chelsea Manning, explains what she's thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Hate Group Wages War Of Words And Fake Signatures Against CA’s Trans Student Law
Evil seems to be having a bad week, as Prop. 8 mastermind Frank Schubert and his minions may not be able to get away with picking on vulnerable trans youth in California.

School Board Member On Transgender Issue: ‘Not Until The Plumbing Is Changed’
A school board member in Delta County has gotten national attention after making controversial statements about transgender students.
Colorado school board member recommends “castration” for transgender kids
School board member defends remarks that transgender kids should be castrated

Our relationship is the kind that people dream of': Love-at-first-sight couple get engaged... after both undergoing sex change operations
Mark Cummings and Jessica O'Donnell plan to wed next year in Florida
Mark used to be a girl called Maritza while Jessica was a boy called Shawn
Jessica, 39, attempted suicide as a teen and her family all but disowned her
Mark, 49, grew up facing similar discrimination and gender issues
But two years ago they met each other and it was 'love at first sight'
Mark, who transitioned in 2003, helped Jessica have operation last year

Trans Latina Town Hall held in Little Village
Project Vida's RAICES program organized Trans Latina Town Hall on Nov. 21 in Little Village, reporting on their project "Evaluating the Needs of Transgender Latinas in Chicagoland: A Focus Group Analysis."

Stonewall Inn plaque controversy involves trans* community
This past summer, openly gay New York state Sen. Brad Holyman, who represents the district where the Stonewall Inn is located, first proposed creating a commemorative plaque to honor the individuals who fought against continued police harassment at the historic Stonewall Inn over a three day period in 1969.

Transgender man settles discrimination lawsuit
El' Jai Devoureau, a transgender man in Southern New Jersey who alleged he was barred from working in a male- only job in a Camden New Jersey drug treatment facility has settled his suit. He says in June 2010, Camden Treatment Associates, LLC hired him as a urine monitor for men. His job responsibilities included monitoring male outpatients as they provided urine samples for drug testing.

Identity issues: The plight of transgender students at OU
It must have been puzzling to most people passing Ohio University's Howard Park last Wednesday evening why a group of nearly 40 individuals were huddled in a small ring around a brightly colored blue, purple and white flag. They lighted candles as they took turns reading names from index cards into the nippy November air.

Concluyen talleres de equidad de género y diversidad sexual
Con el objetivo de generar un cambio hacia la igualdad y no discriminación a grupos en situación de vulnerabilidad, se impartió a elementos de la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública Municipal un ciclo de talleres en materia de equidad e igualdad de género y diversidad sexual, derivado de las constantes denuncias por parte de integrantes del sector LGTB en contra de los policías por haber sido violentados y excluidos de sus derechos ciudadanos y humanos, informó Abraham Tenango Gutiérrez, jefe del Departamento de Diversidad.

LGBTI organization’s office attacked in Haiti
The office of Haitian LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) rights organization Kouraj was attacked by armed men who assaulted two members of the organization, ransacked the premises and stole sensitive personal information. Kouraj activists are also receiving homophobic telephone threats since then.

Por primera vez una mujer embarazó a un hombre y se van a casar
Se trata de la primera beba gestada por un hombre transexual. Está de ocho meses y ya se programó la cesárea. Este viernes pasarán por el civil y un día después harán la fiesta