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terça-feira, dezembro 03, 2013

'A vitória é nossa', diz transexual do RS que provocou mudanças no SUS
Ao ficar sabendo sobre as mudanças para o atendimento de transexuais e travestis pelo Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS), publicadas nesta quinta-feira (21) pelo Ministério da Saúde, o serígrafo Renato Fonseca, de 46 anos, viu cada vez mais próximo o fim da longa fila de espera que o atormenta há sete anos. Ele é uma das vozes mais graves entre o grupo com cerca de 30 pessoas que ingressou, no Rio Grande do Sul, com uma representação no Ministério Público Federal (MPF) para que o SUS contemplasse transexuais masculinos em cirurgias de trocas de sexo no Brasil.

Intersex Campaigners Call on UK to Create 'Third Sex'
Campaigners are calling for the UK government to follow Germany's example and allow newborn babies to be registered as male, female or an indeterminate sex on birth certificates, to acknowledge intersex people.

Transsexual computer programmer enters Deal Or No Deal to fund surgery ahead of sex swap
Hinoi Tonkin, born Keith, has lost 12st on her journey to become a woman
30-year-old now wants a thigh lift ahead of gender reassignment surgery
NHS refuse to pay for it so she has applied for TV game show
Has already spent £15,000 having a tummy tuck and laser treatment

Indian trans man who fled to UK fears deportation
Man 'outed' by Indian media fears he will face 'torture' and 'elimination' if he is forced to return home

Killed for who they really were: Kingston remembers those murdered for being transgender
Murdered for their gender identity, hundreds of transgender people killed around the world were commemorated in Kingston last week.

Study finds almost 80% of transgender people have considered suicide
44 per cent have engaged in some form of self-harm.

Intersex rights groups hold 3rd global meeting
Representatives of 30 groups representing intersex people from all continents met in Malta from 29 November to 1 December for the Third International Intersex Forum and reaffirmed their demands to put an end to surgical interventions on children to make them conform to the sex binary

An international view on gender recognition – summary of the conference organized by Trans-Fuzja, the Council of Europe and the Polish Human Rights Defender.
On November 5th, an international conference "European Standards and Good Practices in Gender Recognition" was co-organized by the Trans-Fuzja Foundation, the Polish Human Rights Defender’s Office and the Council of Europe’s LGBT Project.

Recognised as woman, transgender takes TNPSC exam
A civil service aspirant since school days, this 23-year-old is perhaps the first transgender who was given the liberty of choosing a gender while applying to the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC). S. Swapna fought several odds to write the Group-II Services examination under the category of ‘women’ here on Sunday.
Swapna’s case will usher in reforms, transgenders hope
Long Struggle Ends as First Transgender Takes Exam
Swapna breaks the stereotype by being the first transgender to take the Civil Services Examination

Delhi: Transgender voters fight hard, demand they be treated equally
It is a forgotten community and an almost forgotten vote bank, but nearly 1 lakh transgenders will be voting in Delhi on December 4. They have just one basic demand, that is to be treated equally.

‘Parents, identify transgender children’
By understanding a transgender child, parents will not lose another child to hate crime.

Victory! Transgender Man Wins Right to Work as Authentic Self
K.S., a transgender man who works as a massage therapist at a resort spa in the Southwest, contacted Transgender Law Center after his employer balked at the idea of letting him massage clients who requested a male massage therapist. K.S. had begun transitioning in the past year and the spa also did not want to provide him with a new name tag because he had not yet obtained a court ordered name change or gender change on his driver’s license.

Opposition of California’s transgender student law is misguided
On Aug. 12, Gov. Jerry Brown signed the new Student Success and Opportunity Act into law. It will explicitly ensure that all students are allowed to participate in school activities.
California anti-trans referendum may not qualify for ballot

Sasha Fleischman, Agender Teen Whose Skirt Was Set on Fire, Describes Terrifying Ordeal
For the first time, teen is talking publicly about being set on fire aboard AC Transit bus
Sasha Fleischman Weighs Future as "Agender" Activist
Teen burned on AC Transit bus speaks out for first time
Oakland teen set on fire while on bus returns home for holidays
Burned teen Sasha Fleischman released from hospital

Andrey Bridges gets life in prison for murder of CeCe Dove
The family of Cemia CeCe Dove will not get their loved one back, but perhaps they will feel a measure of relief knowing that the man convicted of killing the young transgender woman will face life in prison.

March and ceremony honors transgender victims of violence
The North Coast’s tenth observance of the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 22 drew around a hundred people to Huntington Park.

Atacada la sede del grupo de defensa de los derechos LGTB Kouraj
Según informa Amnistía Internacional, las oficinas del colectivo haitiano de defensa de los derechos LGTB Kouraj han sido asaltadas. Dos de los miembros del colectivo fueron golpeados por los asaltantes, que además robaron material informático con información altamente sensible.

Transexuales, vulnerables a la violencia
En la calle oscura se escuchó el ruido de vidrios que se rompían. De pronto, Brigitte sintió que dos desconocidos se acercaban con botellas rotas en sus manos para agredirla por la espalda. La mujer transexual, de 27 años, comenzó a correr y se resguardó en una de las paradas del transporte público. Los sospechosos la insultaban mientras se alejaban.

In Argentina, pregnant groom weds in a legal first
The bride was born a man. The groom was born a woman. And when the Argentine couple wed Friday, it was the first time here that a groom tied the knot pregnant.
Pregnant trans groom weds in a legal first for Argentina