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segunda-feira, dezembro 02, 2013

Special report: Intersex women speak out to protect the next generation
One in 2,000 babies does not fit neatly into male or female categories. Sarah Morrison meets four members of a new group that’s campaigning to change attitudes and to help others feel less alone

Indian transsexual claims abuse at home, seeks asylum in UK
Sameer Neelam is expected to find out whether his plea for asylum in Britain will be approved in the coming weeks.
UK: Indian trans asylum seeker fears deportation could lead to ‘torture’

Blackburn man admits harassing transgender neighbour
A 28-YEAR-old management student has admitted harassing his transgender neighbour.

LGBT NGO calls on UN to give out free condoms on World AIDS day
An NGO has applied to the United Nations for the distribution of free condoms during the upcoming World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, arguing that Turkey’s Health Ministry has stopped making them available. The chairman of the Pink Life LGBT Solidarity Association Buse Kılıçkaya, who filed the application, said that such assistance would especially relieve sex workers in Turkey, who desperately needed to be provided with contraceptives.

‘Don’t blame the transgender people for resorting to sex work’
Some were forced to become sex workers as they had no other choice, says HIV policy officer Khartini Slamah.

LGBT Groups Call for Burma’s Penal Code to Be Amended
A lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender (LGBT) rights group is calling for the Burma government to abolish an article in its 19th century penal code that outlaws same-sex relationships, activists said.

Effort to repeal Calif. transgender student rights law may not qualify for ballot
Opponents of a new California transgender students rights law, who claimed earlier this month they had collected enough signatures to force a ballot initiative aimed at repealing the law, may not qualify to put the issue before voters after all.

The “Other” TDoR
The Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR) had its 15th year of observance this past week. The day is international in scope and recognizes the untimely loss of life in the trans community, be it through violence, or suicide. Observances occur around the world typically with services held in a house of worship. The usual pattern is not unlike a Protestant funeral of sorts. Clergy often lead with prayers and readings, trans persons or allies speak with prepared remarks, a few songs are sung and almost universally there is some form of “the reading of the names”. That last item being a list of names of trans persons killed and are in some cases offered with graphic descriptions of their horrifying end. In many places there is the lighting of candles to represent these losses. The sequence of events may be different in other cities, the content usually not.

Hate crimes at a New York College revealed to be a hoax by transgender student Genesis Hernandez
Described as a “liberal college” by the right wing news media, Vassar College in New York has recently made headlines with alleged hate crimes occurring on campus.
EXCLUSIVE: Shocking discovery in hoax bias incident at Vassar College

Intendencia de Maldonado realizará llamados públicos para personas transexuales
Dicha iniciativa, que se encuentra a estudio de la pro-Secretaría de la Administración fernandina ya cuenta con un informe favorable de la Dirección de Políticas de Género. Cuando se establezcan las bases de dicho llamado, la Intendencia de Maldonado pasará a ser el primer gobierno departamental del país en realizar una convocatoria de este tipo, siguiendo los pasos del Mides.

Sacerdote bendice el vientre del primer hombre transexual embarazado
Un sacerdote católico bendijo el vientre de Alexis Taborda, nacido mujer y actualmente encinta de Karen Bruselario, nacido varón y también transexual, quienes contraerán hoy boda civil en una ciudad argentina.
In Argentina, pregnant groom weds in a legal first