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sábado, janeiro 04, 2014

Primeira 'transexual' da Academia de Letras relata preconceito
Nicolly Bueno, de 30 anos, é o primeiro transexual a integrar a Academia de Letras de Presidente Venceslau. Com quatro livros publicados e professora da rede municipal de ensino, ela foi vítima de preconceito durante a infância e adolescência e encontrou na educação e na escrita uma oportunidade de ser aceita pela sociedade. Membro da associação desde 29 de outubro, ela acredita que a conquista é um obstáculo a mais superado.

Blackburn transgender: My journey to happiness as a woman
Natalie Porter is a tall, elegant and well-groomed lady.
But like most women she’s not satisfied with her appearance. She’d love to be a few inches shorter and a tad more curvy on the hips.

Transgender woman shocked after court officials put 'takes all sorts' note on divorce papers
A transgender woman has been left shocked after court officials put a note on her divorce papers with the words "takes all sorts".
Transgender woman's fury over offensive note from sheriff court

Bahrain court gives initial approval to gender reassignment for two trans men
Two trans men working for the government in Bahrain have been given initial approval for gender reassignment.

20 Years After Brandon Teena's Death, Trans Rights Still Have a Long Way to Go
Two decades after a Nebraska transgender man was brutally murdered, what has changed in the world of transgender rights?

Federal appeals court rules transsexual’s firing was not discrimination
A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court’s decision dismissing a lawsuit filed by a male-to-female transsexual who claimed his firing was discriminatory.

State ordered to count more signatures in transgender law petition
A Sacramento judge ruled Thursday that the state must count thousands of signatures collected in two counties for a referendum seeking to overturn a new law regarding transgender students.
BREAKING: Court Rebukes Secretary of State for Attempting to Disenfranchise Voters
Privacy For All Students Wins in Court
Judge flushes 'bathroom bill' election trick
Judge: Calif. must count rejected ballot petitions to overturn transgender students law
Transgender law bends boundaries in state’s schools
Transgender Law Reaffirms San Diego Schools’ Approach, Says Board President
Divisions Persist As New Calif. Transgender Law Takes Effect
LA Students, School Officials Discuss Impacts Of Transgender Policy
Looking to LA for Transgender Student Policy
Transgender law evokes local memories of Renée Richards

Judge’s Ruling On Transgender Couple’s Marriage Overturned
The Indiana Court of Appeals recently overturned a Monroe County circuit court judge’s ruling on an unusual divorce case. The couple’s legal marriage status was in question when the once heterosexual married couple filed for divorce as a same-sex couple.

Buttocks injection death trial set for January
An adult entertainer faces trial in January for what authorities say was her role in arranging unlicensed buttocks injections that killed a Georgia woman in 2012.

Psych exam scheduled for alleged Williams Killer
A man accused of murdering a transgender woman this past summer will undergo a psychiatric evaluation today.

Morris advocates: D.A.’s office abusing its discretion
Advocates for Nizah Morris say local prosecutors are abusing their discretion by ignoring critical evidence in the case, and they continue to push for a state probe in the matter.