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quarta-feira, janeiro 08, 2014

What's It Like as the First Transgender MMA Fighter? Meet Fallon Fox
The 37-year-old, born Boyd Burton, is MMA's first transgender contender and it's not been an easy road, writes GQ. After accepting, at 30-years-old, that she was meant to be in the body of a woman, Fox paid for top and bottom surgery in Thailand and later found her calling to be pounding out opponents in cage fights.

Top Ten Tips for Transgender Health
Dr. Sherman Leis, founder of The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery, one of the leading resources for transgender surgery and medical support in the United States, has identified 10 important trends that will affect America and its transgender community in 2014.

Android and Google+ confusion outs trans woman
The company's decision to amalgamate its SMS and chat apps has made it too easy for users to leak personal information

U.S. Dept. of Energy Affirms Trans Discrimination Illegal
The U.S. Department of Energy has joined the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Health and Human Services, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Interior, Labor, State, Veterans Affairs, and several other agencies in updating its EEO policy to make clear that anti-transgender discrimination constitutes sex discrimination.

New Report Highlights Struggles for Trans Latina Immigrants
The TransLatin@ Coalition recently released a new report titled “TransVisible: Transgender Latina Immigrants in U.S. Society,” which is based on the Coalition’s survey of 101 transgender Latina immigrants around the country. The report summarizes the results of the survey, highlights the challenges that trans Latina immigrants face, and makes recommendations for changes in laws, policies, programs, and attitudes.

Students, Families, and Supporters Celebrate Growing Support and Opportunities for Transgender Students
Students, Families, and Supporters Celebrate Growing Support and Opportunities for Transgender Students
School Success and Opportunity Act (AB1266) Helps Transgender Students Participate and Succeed in Schools

GLAAD to host Transgender Advocates Media Training
In just a few short weeks, GLAAD will be hosting a comprehensive media training for transgender advocates. As issues like violence against transgender people, equal protections under the law, and overall understanding of the specific concerns facing the community takes center stage, GLAAD wants to prepare leaders and advocates in the community to handle the media in a way that is positive, productive and lends itself to a cultural shift towards acceptance of transgender people.