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quarta-feira, janeiro 22, 2014

Transgender woman wins gender equality case
The Equality Tribunal has awarded transgender woman Deirdre O’Byrne €5,000 compensation after it ruled she had been discriminated against by AIB. In October 2010, in accordance with the declarations on her change of name of deed poll, she approached the bank to inform them of her change of name.

Grave trans accoltellato a Migliarino
Un trans brasiliano di 25 anni è stato accoltellato stamani (martedì 21 gennaio) alle 4,30 sull’Aurelia a Migliarino. Al momento non si conoscono i motivi dell’aggressione anche se gli inquirenti ritengono possa trattarsi di questioni legate al mondo della prostituzione. Il giovane è stato ricoverato in gravi condizioni per le ferite riportate al petto.

Trans Inmates
“It is hard to find high-heels in size 42 (9.5) in prison. Even though we pay the price, the officials cannot bring them in. Here our warden understands us; but the inmates in Ankara are not even given tweezers and the others are complaining about personnel violence. What I ask of you is to send me high-heels.” (A note from Deniz’s Letter)

A Soviet doctor pioneered the first sex change operation
The first sex-change operation was performed in the 1970s in the Soviet Union, but the medical achievement was kept in secret for 20 years.

Neither a complete man nor a complete woman
“Since the age of 10, I knew something was wrong with me,” says 22-year-old Nabiullah who was living as a girl until recently.

Against Me tells an intensely personal story on ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’
In 2012, Tom Gabel, frontman of the long-running punk outfit Against Me, came out as transgender to Rolling Stone. The Florida band’s new album, “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” is its first since Gabel, now Laura Jane Grace, announced her intention to transition. (Its title refers to the official term for Grace’s condition.) It is a lacerating, powerful work that is universal in its sweep and wrenching in its detail.

Transgender woman commits suicide following sports blog's decision to out her
On Wednesday, January 15, 2014 the sports blog published an 8,000 word story by Caleb Hannan titled "Dr. V's Magical Putter." What began as a story about the technology behind the "scientifically superior" Yar golf club devolved into an investigation of its inventor, Essay Anne Vanderbilt, also known as Dr. V.
Grantland apologises for article that outed transgender golf inventor
Bill Simmons Apologizes for Heavily Criticized Grantland Story
ESPN's Bill Simmons Apologizes: 'We Definitely Screwed Up... Blame Me'

It's privacy rights vs. transgender rights in Colo. school
Parents of students in Florence, Colorado, are furious – and now fighting back – about a new "transgender accommodation" policy that allows boys to enter the girls' bathrooms and locker rooms.

Trans Inmate Ophelia De’lonta Granted Parole
De'lonta is expected to be released within 45 days.
Parole Board: Decision to parole transgender inmate not based on court case

Murder of cross-dresser in Belize sparks outrage
The murder of a cross-dresser in Belize has sparked outrage among LGBT rights advocates in the Central American country.

No me admitieron el Sena por ser transgenerista: ‘Kiara’
‘Kiara’ una transgenerista que vive en Barranquilla, contó al Radar que fue discriminada por su condición en medio de un proceso de selección que realizó el Sena en la capital del Atlántico.

Asesinan travesti a pedradas en la Petare-Guarenas
Al ser golpeado en la cabeza con una pesada piedra, mataron a un travesti hasta ahora no identificado, las personas que lo ubicaron frente al barrio Brisas de El Ávila.