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sexta-feira, fevereiro 07, 2014

Rússia Nazi, Transmisoginia e os preconceitos revelados
No dia em que começam os Jogos Olímpicos de Inverno na Rússia, decidi fazer uma reflexão sobre a crescente "onda nazi e de extrema-direita" que pulula um pouco por todo o mundo. Desde os EUA, em que o debate sobre questões trans está ao rubro, até aos países de leste, onde incluo a Rússia, onde pessoas com uma orientação sexual que não a "normal" a pessoas com uma identidade de género diferente são perseguidas, humilhadas, torturadas e assassinadas, convém termos bem noção das consequências que tudo isto irá ter, e mais importante, que já está a ter.

São Paulo passa a permitir alas para transexuais e travestis nas penitenciárias
Regulamentação do governo estadual garante ainda direito a uso do nome social, roupa íntima feminina e cabelos longos para travestis, e transferência para transsexuais que passaram por cirurgia

'I want to be recognised as who I bloody well am'
Amnesty International Ireland says transgender people face discrimination and inhuman and degrading treatment
What is it like living as a transgender person in Ireland?

Trans rights: Poland's last iron curtain
When one considers the recent political history of Central Europe, one should definitely think about the fall of the Berlin Wall and its effect in the bringing down of the Iron Curtain. When Communism and Socialism fell, democracy immediately prevailed, creating a whole new understanding of what constitutes a state, its values and whom it swears to protect.

First Kyrgyz Sex-Change Surgery A 'Success'
Kyrgyzstan has successfully carried out its first sex-change surgery.

Transgender activist cleared of wrongdoing
A Bulawayo magistrate has acquitted entrepreneur and transgender activist Ricky Nathanson, who was arrested last month for entering a female toilet at a city hotel.

Anjali's efforts for sex change at SSG Hospital pay off
VADODARA: Anjali nee Akkriti Patel made her pursuit of a different gender identity a struggle for transsexuals like her trapped in bodies of a different gender. And Anjali's fight seems to have paid off for now with the state government forming a panel at the SSG Hospital (SSGH) here to look into cases like hers.

Transgenders Cry Foul Over 'Abusive' Cop
A transgender, accompanied by a few others of the community, here on Tuesday petitioned the police commissioner, Sanjay Mathur, seeking action against a cop, who allegedly verbally abused her in a public place on Monday.

4,433 Transgenders Enroled as Voters under 'Others'
As many as 4,433 persons have enrolled themselves in the category of ‘others’ in the final list of voters in the state as published by the office of the chief electoral officer. The figure relating to those who wished to be attributed as neither male nor female have tremendously risen from a 2,987 recorded as on March last year.

Trans woman Janet Mock vs. tabloid journalist Piers Morgan
By now, everyone and their cousin has voiced an opinion on the Mock vs. Morgan match. A bell has rung and now it’s the end of round two and it appears to be a draw.
Op-ed: Janet Mock Slams Piers Morgan for Transphobic Questions, Tweets
CNN’s Piers Morgan unfairly gets his nuts handed to him by a tranny
How Piers Morgan Screwed Up His Interview With Transgender Advocate Janet Mock
The Deadly Logic Behind Piers Morgan’s Awful Interview With Janet Mock
Piers Morgan engages in bitter Twitter war with trans author Janet Mock after interview

Jared Leto Heckled For 'Trans Misogyny' At Santa Barbara Film Festival
Jared Leto caught the ire of a heckler on Tuesday while accepting one of the Santa Barbara Film Festival's Virtuosos Awards for his performance as a transgender AIDS patient in "Dallas Buyers Club."
Jared Leto Defends Playing Trans Woman In 'The Dallas Buyers' Club'

Proposed statewide anti-discrimination law on ice for this year
Senate Republicans put the final nail in the coffin of a proposed statewide nondiscrimination law Wednesday, at least for this year.