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sexta-feira, junho 16, 2006

HPD officer recounts long battle with gender identity
The father of 5 will work as a man until name is legally changed
Sgt. Jack Oliver, the Houston police officer preparing to undergo gender reassignment surgery, says the reaction from colleagues has been mostly positive since coming out to the department last week.

Transsexual suffers grave burn injuries
India, SALEM: Diana (22), a transsexual, was admitted to the Salem GH with serious burn injuries.In her statement to the police, she has said that the injury was caused when the stove burst while cooking. The transsexual,originally was Vijay, son of Shiela, a resident of Hasthampatti. After becoming a transsexual, she married one Prakash and lived near Five Roads in Salem. Her condition is said to be critical.

Thailand - `X-Men' no more
Of course, there's a lot of difference between a man and a woman. This fact cannot be contested. Although this is true, males who want to be females claim that they are women to begin with, who want to express themselves as women. They insist that they are not men wanting to be women.

Botswana - Paralympic 800m champion Tshotlego Moramais a girl — BNSC...
The Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC) chairperson Dorcas Makgato Malesu and the Gazette Editor, Batlhalefi Leagajang engaged in bitter exchanges yesterday at a press conference called to end the dispute over the gender of Paralympic 800m champion, Tshotlego Morama.

Norfolk inmate Robert "Michele" Kosilek: Set limits on sex change...
THE MASSACHUSETTS Department of Correction has adopted a humane policy of providing hormones to inmates diagnosed with gender identity disorder, a psychiatric illness characterized by relentless anguish over one's sex. But requiring taxpayers to fund sex-change operations for inmates would push the policy to insupportable limits. Elsewhere, it has led to a backlash resulting in greater suffering for imprisoned transsexuals.

The trans catch-22
In order to get "treated" for being transsexual—meaning hormones and, perhaps, surgery—you first have to be diagnosed. But calling trans people sick creates the same stigma gay people faced for decades.

Trans Behind Bars
There is one transgender story the mainstream media - particularly the more conservative arms - always love to latch on to. They simply seem to be unable to get enough on transgender people in prisons and their health needs.

Britain - Pre-op M2F transsexual Pink Zoe Realm (nee Adrian Paul Mullett) gets changing room ban... A transsexual has been banned from the female changing rooms of leisure centres owned by Derby City Council following complaints.

US - Film - "A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story" leaves viewers haunted...
Gwen Amber Rose Araujo was born Edward Araujo in California in 1985. From an early age, Eddie felt that something was wrong with him, and that he was a girl on the inside.

Britain - Pre-op M2F transsexual Holly Marie Churcher back in court...
A Man awaiting a sex-change operation has had his sentence adjourned by magistrates after admitting a charge of exposure. Holly Marie Churcher formerly of Beer Street, Yeovil, but now living at Portsmouth, admitted at a previous court hearing exposing himself to neighbours living opposite his home on 4 May after appearing in the street stark naked.

Pardo as Gwen Araújo. The transgendered teenager was murdered at age 17.