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domingo, dezembro 03, 2006

Ex-„DSDS“-Sänger Lorenzo will eine Frau werden
Lorenzo, Kandidat der zweiten Staffel von „Deutschland sucht den Superstar", möchte sich zur Frau umoperieren lassen. Bereits jetzt nimmt der Sänger Hormone.

Prostitution and AIDS: undercover and out of sight
Excerpt: The impact of this exodus on AIDS prevention is patent. The Parisian association for transgender sex workers (PASTT) organise nightly rounds to meet prostitutes, distribute condoms and inform them about the risk of AIDS. ‘But we can’t go out as far as the forests and motorways outside Paris, we lack the funds and human resources,’ declares Camille Cabral, the President of the association.
Photo: Prostitutes marched through Paris to denounce the impact of the street-walking ban on AIDS prevention

[USA] [News/Interview/Television]
From Zarf into Zoe, soap's transgender
From evil twins to characters who arise from the dead to babyswitches to serial killers, it seems like just about every plottwist imaginable had been used on daytime soap operas. But "All MyChildren" has come up with another: a transgender rock star.
As the gender turns: New territory for TV
"All My Children," the 37-year-old ABC soap opera, has gone where no scripted network television series had gone before. On Thursday, it depicted a character about to undergo a transition from man to woman.
Here Comes Zarf!
All My Children's Zarf will become the first transgender character to make a transition from one gender to another during a U.S. television drama. The storyline following his quest to become female begins this afternoon on 6abc.

Soap Ropes Transexual/Lesbian Plotline
This week, "All My Children" launched the first male-to-female transgendered storyline in daytime TV. Actor Jeffrey Carlson plays a British gender-switching rock star with the unlikely name of Zarf, who is having a flirtation with Erica's Kane's (Susan Lucci's) lesbian daughter, Bianca (Eden Riegel). Zarf bears a striking resemblance to "Project Runway" finalist, Austin Scarlett.
All My Transgender Children
Excerpt: There were no hints of gender dysphoria yesterday, only the notion that Zarf, in his fussy, rock-diva way, is committed to seeking his true self.

Kimora Lee’s softer side
Simmons doles out awards, ‘All My Children’ debuts trans character and Elton gets political

Recognizing International Transgender Day of Remembrance
LGBT leaders commemorated the International Transgender Day of Remembrance on Nov. 20, by reflecting on the loss of members of the transgender community due to hate or prejudice.

[NY,USA] [Commentary]
Monuments to Our Folly: Choosing Your Gender and a Bathroom Based on Feelings
Excerpt: It is doubtful, then, that Weaver could have imagined we would be caught in a riptide of moral relativism where marriage has been redefined to include same-sex coupling; or where New York City's Board of Health would consider adopting a rule that will permit people to change the sex on their birth certificate if they provide affidavits from health professionals explaining why they should be considered to be a gender different than that determined by their chromosomes at conception; or where New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority would agree to let people define their own gender when deciding whether to use the men's or women's bathrooms.

Police Spokesman 'Stunned' By Transsexual's Claims
A spokesman for the Mount Dora Police Department said he is shocked by the allegations of a transsexual who is accusing the lieutenant of sexual assault.

Supporting Boys or Girls When the Line Isn't Clear
Until recently, many children who did not conform to gender norms in their clothing or behavior and identified intensely with the opposite sex were steered to psychoanalysis or behavior modification.