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terça-feira, janeiro 16, 2007

Transsexual loses dismissal claim
A SEX change operation so affected a transsexual' s mind, she was unable to make rational judgements, an employment tribunal ruled last Friday.

Transsexual postal worker convicted of hiding mail
A postman who is on the NHS waiting list for gender reassignment surgery has been convicted of hiding and dumping post.

AMC's Zarf/Zoe storyline surprises
Excerpt: One, Marti Abernathey, who has a blog, is holding her judgment, but thinks the storyline was "sheer genius" on the part of AMC. ... "I think it could be a great thing to educate people to our plight," said Marti. "One thing that has been impressed upon me is how much misinformation/ misunderstanding there is about the lives of transgender folk."

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What do I know about gender?
There's been some negative feedback (http://tinyurl. com/y59f9d) about an article I wrote for the Exodus Youth newsletter about the fluidity of gender and sexuality. Most of the quarrels people had with it were over statements I made about transgenderism; basically because I affirmed the binary gender system and used the adjective"confused."