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domingo, dezembro 14, 2008

Miss Nepal derailed but Miss Gay right on course
Excerpt: Miss Nepal, Nepal's oldest and best known pageant, was blocked by the ruling Maoist party this year on the ground that it debased women by reducing them to merchandise to promote products manufactured by the sponsoring companies.

Two more transgender flicks in Kollywood
Years after Santhosh Sivan's Navarasa focused on the issue of transgender, two more movies are being made on the same lines.

[Canada] [Blog/Commentary]
Transgender Responsibility
November 20, 2008 was the 10th anniversary of Transgender Remembrance day; a time for us to look back and reflect on those who met with untimely deaths at the hands of intolerance, bigotry, and hatred. Yet it is also a time to recognize and appreciate the work of so many attempting to bring about change for the better.

S. Idaho transgender woman fights use of male name
For nearly a year, Catherine Carlson refused to pay the fine for driving with a suspended license because it was issued to both her and the man she used to be.

Woman sues retailer for discrimination
Claims store denied her job after a sex change

Bank robber gets 4 years
Cash was wanted for sex-change surgery, police say