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sexta-feira, fevereiro 06, 2009

Bruxelas adopta inédito plano em defesa dos tubarões
A Comissão Europeia adoptou hoje em Bruxelas um inédito plano de acção para a conservação e gestão dos tubarões, com medidas que visam contribuir para a reconstituição das populações ameaçadas pelas frotas europeias, incluindo a portuguesa.

Se nunca ouviu falar de transfobia... leia este artigo
Três anos depois da morte de Gisberta, Bruno Horta pergunta como é ser transexual em Portugal.

Cantora alemã torna-se a mais jovem transexual
A cantora e modelo alemã Kim Petras, de 16 anos, explicou no seu blog por que passou tanto tempo sem dar notícias: esteve duas semanas no hospital, de onde saiu como a mais jovem transexual do mundo.

Egypt: New Oversight committee in the EMS and transfer of “violaters” for “discipline”.
The Egyptian Medical Syndicate (EMS) organized a new oversight committee, which it mentioned to be constituted of “Top Doctors and Consultants” for the control of “sex change operations”.

Woman living as man wins damages over gender discrimination
A court has awarded some 25 million yen in damages to a woman living as a man by calculating her lost earnings as a male employee following an accident, it has been learned.

Honduras: Transgender women beaten, threatened and murdered
Amnesty International has put out an urgent appeal on behalf of a Honduran transgender woman who was arrested by the police, beaten up and threatened with death if she reported what happened to her.

Jude Law poses as a transvestite
This is the first picture of Jude Law appearing as a transvestite for his new movie Rage. (Photo)

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
The “T” in LGBT Family Building….
Transgender people don’t get a lot of attention in the straight world or the gay world. Sometimes it seems that there are few people in the straight or gay world that are completely comfortable with Trans Folk. And it is only when we have true acceptance of someone that is different than us - that we can see the ways that they are the same. Until then, there can be discrimination - and biases when it comes to opportunities, information and education.

Transsexual Woman Fights For Rights At Health Club
A Chicago Ridge resident - born a man but now a woman - says she is still fighting discrimination, eight years after she won the right to compete as a female athlete.(Photo: Tammy Wronski, born a man but now a woman, says she is a victim of discrimination at a Chicago Ridge health club. Honolulu Advertiser )
Transexual Who Won the Right to Compete as Women in Hawaii Now Facing More Discrimination in Chicago