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segunda-feira, abril 13, 2009

Lei portuguesa proíbe que transexuais engravidem
Portugal obriga qualquer mulher que se queira tornar num homem a apresentar documentos a provar que retirou os ovários e o útero

Transsexual woman pestered into moving
A transsexual woman from the Utrecht district of Zuilen has moved away as a result of bullying by a group of about 30 young Moroccans.

She's Got Game
Women's professional tennis has cleared the way for an intersex player to compete on the tour. But with all of the questions her case raises about gender and biology, is women's tennis ready for Sarah Gronert?

Special Toilets For Transexuals In Chennai
South Indian authorities are preparing to build separate public toilets for the transgender community, a first of its kind in the populace country.

Edmonton woman leads Gender Reassignment funding lawsuit
As Alberta dives into a recession many things had to be cut from the provincial budget. That includes cutting funding for gender reassignment surgeries for Albertans with Gender Identity Disorder. The move saves about $700,000 in the provincial budget.
'I felt so trapped'
Class action suit over gender reassignment funding

Groups hope Greeley trial brings focus to hate-crimes law
Gay rights groups calling for a federal hate-crimes law are hoping the trial of a man suspected of beating a transgender woman to death will draw attention to their cause.
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