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quinta-feira, junho 04, 2009

Doentes com VIH sem acesso a cursos
Entrar num curso de formação profissional é mais difícil e, em alguns casos, impossível para um doente infectado com VIH/sida, denunciam várias associações ligadas à doença. Mas é difícil provar a discriminação.

Transgender taxi driver sacked
A transgender cab driver working in Leyland says her employers sacked her for wearing nail polish and a skirt.
Andre Edwards, who was born a man but now lives as a woman, claims she lost her job at Leyland Taxis because her employers and clients couldn't deal with her unorthodox lifestyle. (Photo)

Ativistas LGBT russos querem levar prefeito de Moscou à justiça
Ativistas pró-LGBT da Rússia vão levar o prefeito homofóbico de Moscou, Yuri Luzhkov, à justiça por ele ter dito que os gays "arruinaram o coração da sociedade moralmente saudável". Em maio deste ano, a Parada Gay da capital russa acabou com a prisão de 80 manifestantes. Luzhkov, como já fez no passado, classificou as passeatas gays como obras satânicas.
Activistas homosexuales de Moscú llevarán a la corte al alcalde de la ciudad por insultos

Venezuela 'silent' on hate crimes rise
In a city where about 40 murders take place every weekend, it may not come as a big surprise that four prostitutes have been killed on the same stretch of road in Caracas in recent months.

[New Zealand]
Agender's transformational transgender conference
Transgender delegates from around New Zealand met in Wellington at the weekend to share stories, network and help build the transgender community. Trans support network Agender's president Joanne Clarke tells says the 2009 conference was a busy and life-changing three days.(Photo: Joanne Clarke & Carmen Rupe)

[Philippines] [News/Commentary]
Sex change and sex reassignment - Katrina Legarda
In the space of one year, the Supreme Court promulgated two decisions on similar issues: whether a man can become a woman. In one case, the man lost; in another, the man is now a woman. Both cases were brought to the Supreme Court when the Office of the Solicitor General appealed lower court decisions granting the changes requested by both men in their birth certificates.

Fragile peace rattled on the stroll
Despite the efforts of outreach workers who say they have engaged with transsexual sex workers about respecting neighbours in the Homewood and Maitland area, some residents say the sex workers are still causing unreasonable disturbances.

[TN, USA] [Blog/News]
Another Transgender Shooting In Memphis
Just as yesterday's Shelby County Commission hearing on a GLBT workplace protection ordinance was set to begin, gay rights activists got word of a tragedy.
Last Wednesday, Terron Taylor of Whitehaven shot Kelvin Denton, a transgender woman, in the nose and throat after he learned that Denton was a biological male. As of press time, Denton is in critical condition at The Med.

Shooting Suspect Blames Victim's Gender Expression

Sacramento DJs Comments Draw Controversy
Hosts Rob Williams and Arnie States made some noise on the "Rob, Arnie and Dawn in the Morning" show on 98.5 KRXQ with comments about the transgender community and children.
Last Thursday during the show, Williams said, "A boy that wears a dress is a freak. He's a nut."
They also described the transgender movement in America as phony.
States said, "God forbid if my son put on a pair of high heels, I would probably hit him with one of my shoes."

[Blog/Commentary] KRXQ Sacramento Radio Hosts Encourage Violence Against Transgender Children
[Blog/News] Radio segment on transgender kids raises hackles
[Blog/Commentary] Take Action: Demand that KRXQ Radio Hosts Rob Williams and Arnie States Apologize for Encouraging Violence Against Transgender Children
[Blog/News] Update: KRXQ Responds to GLAAD’s Call to Action

GenderPAC Closes Doors
15 years ago the Gender Public Advocacy Coalition (GenderPAC) was the only national group focused on gender issues as we know it today, and few in places of power knew anything about it. The issue was hardly on the national radar in any meaningful way.

10th Annual Transgender Pride Celebration
The 10th annual Trans-Unity Pride—the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center's annual celebration for transgender, transsexual, gender-queer and cross-dressing individuals and those who love them—will be held June 3-7.

Refugee from Iran admits to murder
Majid Kolestani fought to wear women's clothes during a murder trial, but in the end, won't dress for it at all.
The 42-year-old transgender Iranian refugee who identifies as a woman pleaded guilty on Monday in Twin Falls 5th District Court to first-degree murder in a plea agreement that will likely send Kolestani to prison for 18 years to life. (Photo)
Iranian refugee pleads guilty in slaying case
Kolestani's Living Arrangements