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quarta-feira, maio 27, 2009

Coreia Norte reabriu complexo tratamento combustível nuclear
A Coreia do Norte colocou em marcha o seu complexo de tratamento de combustível nuclear que pode servir para o fabrico de uma bomba, afirmou hoje a imprensa sul-coreana.

Aberta caça à baleia na Islândia apesar de protestos
A época da caça à baleia abriu, esta terça-feira, na Islândia enfrentando críticas de organizações ecologistas contra o aumento das quotas de caça para este ano.

Band faz série jornalística sobre travestis
O Telejornal da BAND, que vai ao ar sempre às 19h20 (horário de Brasília), apresenta até a próxima quarta-feira, 27, uma série sobre os preconceitos vividos pelas travestis.
Série Meninos Mulheres – Parte I - Clicar em Jornal da band e procurar nos vídeos (Vídeo)

[UK] [PR]
TransLondon announces boycott of Pride London, 2009
In a busy meeting on May 19th, members of TransLondon, London's largest support group for all trans-identified and genderqueer people, voted overwhelmingly for a boycott of the Pride London 2009 march and rally. As a result, for the first time since the group was formed, TransLondon will have no presence in the parade, nor at the rally.

Gay community to celebrate 'Delhi queer pride' in July
Buoyed by the response they got last year, the gay community will celebrate its diversity by taking out marches, singing and making speeches in the national capital on June 28.

Thailand's 'Third Sex' Wants Acceptance, Legal Support
In Thailand, transgender males, also called lady-boys, are a common sight in cities and tourist areas. While many transgenders work in traditionally female professions such as in cabaret shows or Thailand's notorious sex industry, most are looking for better integration in Thai society. But, despite their high visibility, transgenders still face challenges in seeking acceptance.

Plomean a "Mazinger" en la 4 de Julio
De la violencia no se escapa nadie.
Un travesti conocido como "Mazinger" recibió un disparo desde un vehículo en marcha mientras realizaba sus labores nocturnas en la Avenida de Los Mártires, en el corregimiento de Santa Ana.(Foto:El travesti lloraba del dolor y sus amigas le daban consuelo. (Foto: Adriano Duff / EPASA))

Travesti baleada en Panamá

Intersexual desea cambiar su identidad
A fines de diciembre cumplirá dieciséis años; nació con los genitales masculinos y femeninos a la vez. Hoy procura que la ciencia defina su sexualidad. Desea cambiar su identidad y ser inscripto con el nombre de su padre.

Psychiatrists rewriting the mental health bible
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, commonly called DSM, is getting an update. Now experts must decide what is a disorder and what falls in the range of normal human behavior.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Transgendered in Prison
Excerpt: She scanned my face for understanding. Finding only confusion she continued, "They go to the men's prison if they have male genitalia and the women's prison if they have women's. It doesn't matter what's going on from the waist up or what gender they think they are."