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sexta-feira, maio 22, 2009

O primeiro Centro Nacional de Reprodução em Cativeiro do lince ibérico, construído como sobrecompensação imposta pela União Europeia, devido à construção da Barragem de Odelouca, é inaugurado hoje na Herdade da Santinha, no concelho algarvio de Silves.

Travestis de Lisboa chegam ao festival de Cannes
O novo filme de João Pedro Rodrigues fala sobre o submundo gay lisboeta e estreia-se esta sexta-feira rodeado de polémica, escreve Bruno Horta.

A Articulação Nacional de Travestis e Transexuais (ANTRA) realizou assembleia nesta quarta, 20, em Teresina, para eleger a diretoria que responderá pela entidade no biênio 2009/2011.

MosTra’ns - El primer Festival de Cinema Trans – Intersex de Barcelona
Mostra’ns començarà el 22 de juny a Golferichs (Gran Vía, 491) amb un workshop impartit per Elliat Graney-Saucke, activista queer i directora de vàries pel·lícules d’aquesta temàtica.
Les pel·lícules es projectaran del 23 al 26 de juny als cinemes Casablanca-Kaplan (Passeig de Gràcia, 115), de 20h a 24h.
La festa de clausura serà el mateix divendres 26 de juny a CSO LA ASTILLA (Av Vilafranca, 22. L1 La Torrassa), de 00h a 05h amb Eliat Graney -Saucke des de Seattle, Trans-Tango des de Quito (per confirmar), Antiherois (per confirmar) i DjNeopinchadiscos amb Vj punto Ge.
… i la entrada és gratuïta!

A Yorkshire police force's push for equality was thrown into confusion when a survey of staff revealed that about 300 of them were planning, or had undergone, a sex change.

A Chinese couple, who fell in love with each other a year ago, have decided to get a sex change operation before they marry.

Tailandesa vence concurso de Miss transexual realizado em Bangcoc
A travesti tailandesa Treechada Petcharat (foto) foi coroada vencedora do concurso Miss Universo Tiffany's, realizado em Bangcoc nesta semana. O concurso é destinado à competidoras travestis ou transexuais. Petcharat deixou para trás outras 23 competidoras vindas de 11 países asiáticos e também da Alemanha e França.

On May 15th, NDP MP Bill Siksay of Burnaby-Douglas, BC tabled a private members' bill that would add "gender identity" and "gender expression" as categories protected against discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act. The bill also proposes to add these two terms to the Criminal Code to be taken into consideration at sentencing for "hate crimes."

The largest representative group of elementary teachers in Canada is calling on the Ontario government to enshrine new legislation into the curriculum. That is not unusual in itself, but this time the group is looking at the ‘Rainbow coalition’, or what is commonly known these days as LGBT.

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Are transgender people mentally ill?
The LGBT community has had a long, often painful relationship with the psychological profession. Until 1974, when the American Psychiatric Association (APA) voted to remove the diagnosis from the second edition of its "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" (DSM), the organization maintained that homosexuality was a mental illness. The change came slowly, after years of protest and debate.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Is It Normal to be Transgender?
Judy Berman writes a great story today in Salon's Broadsheet about transgender activists fighting to remove "gender identity disorder" as a category in the DSM, the Bible of psychiatric diseases. The activists argue that they are making the same case gay activists made in the 1970s, when they fought successfully to get "homosexuality" removed as a mental illness. Only, as I wrote in a story earlier this year in the Atlantic, it's not quite so simple.

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APA protest footage
Some of the first APA footage; we were working with the following film-makers...

We have now made “Coming Out Volume 1” available for viewing in its entirety on YouTube.

Murder convictions of two of the defendants in the Gwen Araujo murder case were upheld by a state appeals court last week, which ruled that jury instructions given by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Harry Sheppard were proper.(Photo: Gwen Araujo)

The Maine Human Rights Commission says a restaurant discriminated against a transgender woman by asking her to use the men’s room until she had sex reassignment surgery.