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segunda-feira, maio 18, 2009

Oito espécies flora portuguesa «em perigo crítico» extinção
Oito plantas, das quais sete só existem em Portugal, estão classificadas como espécies «em perigo crítico» de extinção, segundo o Plano Nacional de Conservação da Flora em Perigo.

[International] [Blog/News]
May 17: International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
Tomorrow, May 17, is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. This year, IDAHO is focusing on transphobia:
Pain, progress, pride on day against homophobia

Police fly flag against prejudice
Greater Manchester Police is flying the flag for an international event to raise awareness of prejudice against gay and transgender people.
The force is flying a rainbow flag above its Chester House headquarters.

Sex-change group to lobby MPs
A GROUP of transgender people are to lobby MPs tomorrow over the Leeds service which runs the sex change process.
About 20 current and former patients of Leeds Gender Identity Service want to raise concerns about the way it is run.

Scots police most modern in Europe for employing transsexuals
Scots police have been praised as the most modern in Europe for employing transsexuals.
The first transgender or sex change police officer in Scotland's largest force, Strathclyde, will start work as a trainee WPC tomorrow.

[UK] [Blog/Commentary]
Transsexuality will no longer be classified in France as a mental illness
I absolutely agree that classifying transsexuality as a ‘psychiatric disorder’, a ‘mental illness’, a ‘disease’, is wrong – it stigmatises us in ways that only compound the negative, discriminatory and profoundly damaging views of trans people that mainstream cis society already holds.

Tiaras at Thai transsexual beauty contest
Resplendent in a figure-hugging grey and black dress, Sorrawee Nattee wept tears of joy after being crowned Thailand's most beautiful transsexual at a unique pageant.
Beauty Contest

State condones discrimination
A group of casually clad males unfurl a banner saying "I'm bisexual, how about you?", while several others wearing glittering cabaret-like costumes chat with each other around Hotel Indonesia traffic circle in Central Jakarta, under the curious eyes of people in passing cars and public buses.
About 60 members of the self-claimed lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community gathered at the famous public space Saturday to commemorate the International Day against Homophobia, which falls May 17.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Canadian Provinces Deny Transgender Health Care
In the past few weeks, two Canadian provinces have denied transgender people funding for their basic health care needs in a country which touts a universal and public health care system.
[Blog/Commentary] Now Manitoba Is Delisting SRS

She was a man who struggled with that identity, now she's at home in her body and in Lake Worth, as the new city manager
The new city manager in this quirky little town has a lot on her mind: water rates, slumlords, gangs, a tricky redevelopment project - and, of course, the fact that when she takes a quiet moment to consider city affairs, she often glances down.

[USA] [Commentary]
Are hate crimes any worse than others?
LEGISLATION pending before Congress would dramatically expand the federal hate-crimes law, and a number of critics are concerned that the bill goes too far. Perhaps the real problem is that it doesn't go far enough.

[USA] [Commentary]
IFGE Calls for Action from APA
Whereas people are naturally endowed with a wide diversity of gender expression, identities, and sexual orientations;
Whereas, the distress felt by gender non-conforming people is fundamentally due to social prejudice and heterosexism, and is not a characteristic of their identities;
Whereas diagnosis of psychological disorders has been used as a form of social control;