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sexta-feira, maio 08, 2009

Acoso, amenazas y chantaje a activista transexual
Carla Antonelli, quien probablemente sea la activista transexual más famosa de España, está siendo víctima de una campaña de acoso, amenazas, insultos y chantaje.
Carla Antonelli, víctima de ataques transfóbicos

Austrian court strikes down transsexual surgery law
Austria's Administrative High Court has struck down a law that blocked recognition of male-to-female transsexuals' new gender unless an individual's penis had been removed.

Frenada por burocracia, candidatura de trans mexicana
Las complicaciones legales y el gasto extraordinario que genera a los transexuales modificar nombre y sexo en sus documentos oficiales, obligaron a Gloria Daventport a declinar a la candidatura a diputada federal que le ofreció el Partido Socialdemócrata.
Candidatura de transexual, frenada por la burocracia

[New Zealand]
Transvestite murder accused identified
Two men accused of murdering an Upper Hutt transvestite known as Diksy can be named after a judge rejected a plea for name suppression.

Firms ante up for burly carpenter's sex-change surgery
The corporate community has stepped up to finance sex-change surgery for a small town transgendered southern Albertan denied provincial funding for the procedure.

La transsexuelle Amanda Lepore offre une leçon de glamour
Les diamants sont les meilleurs amis des femmes... et des transsexuelles, a-t-on envie d'ajouter en voyant le dernier clip et le parfum d'Amanda Lepore.
Egerie du photographe David Lachapelle, légende de la nuit new yorkaise, Amanda Lepore était jusqu'à présent surtout connue pour apparaître dans les soirées hype de la Grosse Pomme et dans les clips de ses amis branchés (Tiga, The Dandy Warhols, Cazwell, etc.).

[WI, USA] [People/Film/Events]
Ashley Altadonna: When a man becomes a woman
A few years ago, local musician and experimental filmmaker Kyle Altadonna surprised his friends with the news that he was transgender. Since then, Ashley Altadonna has been undergoing treatments and therapy that have helped transition her into a female. In the process, Altadonna found her voice as a filmmaker, shooting a pair of short films focusing on her transition ("Whatever Suits You") and transgender identity issues in general ("Playing With Gender"). Both films have traveled the world, playing at LGBT film festivals across the United States and as far away as Melbourne, London, and Berlin.(Photo)

Transgender woman awarded nearly $500K
A transgender women illegally discriminated against in hiring by the Library of Congress will receive nearly a half million dollars. The final settlement was announced on April 29. Photo: Diane Schroer, left, and Diego Sanchez, now an aide to Congressman Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) were among those testifying last summer on proposed legislation to protect transgender persons from discrimination in the workplace. Photo: Bob Roehr

Losing my sister
A year ago, Sam told Amandine he wanted to be a man. It's been a transition - for both of them.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Why feminists should be concerned with the impending revision of the DSM
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has been called the "bible of mental illness" because it lists and defines all of the "official" psychiatric diagnoses according to the American Psychiatric Association. The DSM is in the early stages of undergoing its 5th major revision; each previous revision has seen the total number of mental disorders recognized (some might say invented) by the APA greatly increase. Last year, trans activists were particularly concerned to learn that Ken Zucker and Ray Blanchard had been named to play critical lead roles in determining the language of the DSM sections focusing on gender and sexuality, especially given that these researchers are well known for forwarding theories and therapies that are especially pathologizing and stigmatizing to gender-variant people.