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segunda-feira, maio 04, 2009

Exclusive: Sex swap Para to join police
SEX swap soldier Jan Hamilton is joining Scotland's biggest police force.
Jan - previously Captain Ian Hamilton of the Parachute Regiment - has signed on with Strathclyde Police after sailing through the recruitment process with flying colours.(Photo)

Sex change Army hero Jan to become Scotland's first 'transgender' police officer

Transsexual Michelle helps fight crime
MOST police forces use handcuffs to enforce the law but Welsh cops have recruited a transsexual in heels and lipstick to fight crime.
Brunette Michelle – who was born male and called Mark – is training Dyfed Powys police officers to combat and raise awareness of transgender-phobic violence. She contacted the force last year as part of her own empowering journey to break society’s taboo about transsexual people.

[Germany] [Commentary/Sports]
Gender discrimination in sports
Sarah Gronert’s desire to play tennis isn’t complicated. Unfortunately, for her, everything else about the game is. You may have heard her story. A number of LGBT and/or alternative papers have covered her travails — even the New York Daily News ran an item about her. Briefly, Gronert had been born with an intersex condition, subsequently treated surgically. Many knowledgeable clinicians recommend allowing persons with intersex conditions to determine sex and gender identity for themselves. The outdated practice of arbitrary sex determination by surgical fiat is recognized to have caused irreparable damage to many who should have been allowed to self determine. Gronert was lucky to have been born during an era when some positive light has been shed on the subject of intersex conditions and to have been able to make those choices for herself.

[Belgium] [Blog/People]
René, OII Spokesperson from Belgium, talks about living with Kallman’s
I can say that I became an adult at seven years old. When I saw that I looked more like my sister who had just been born than my brother who was four years younger than I was! Before the birth of my sister, when I was naked, I had noticed there was a difference between my brother and me: he was a standard male at birth. I could see clearly that there was something not quite right. But when my sister arrived, I saw that I looked more like her than my brother and at that moment, I was an adult. You become an adult when you start coming to terms with being intersex: a micropenis, what I called my “comma”.

[Morocco] [Blog/People]
Said Tamcarit – Morocco
I am a hermaphrodite and am known here in my Moroccan village as the “half-man”. When people see me, they wonder if I am a man or a woman. I am a question mark.

[Canada/USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Cis Supremacy, Feminism and Women’s Shelters
I’m a few weeks behind on this, but I really just couldn’t let it pass without comment. It deserves comment, and it needs comment.
Recently, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, a group that provides rape crisis relief, counseling and shelter to battered women and their children,
won a court case declaring the right for them to not hire a counselor because she is a trans woman (ads on page may be NSFW). Not only did they gloat the decision, they also decided to traipse onto Jessica Cooper’s article about trans rights which cited the case, defending their bigotry by using more bigoted excuses.

Lynn Conway analyzes ‘The War Within’ CAMH over trans services
More on the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) controversy.

[NH, USA] [Blog/Commentary]
From the Nashua Telegraph :
A bill to ban discrimination against transgender people died in the State Senate today.
The Senate voted, 24-0, to kill legislation to have New Hampshire join 13 other states that ban discrimination for transgender people in housing, accommodation and employment.
Barrington Democratic State Sen. Jackie Cilley attacked the state Republican Party leadership and the media for referring to the legislation (HB 415) as the "bathroom bill."
"To those among you who repeatedly used the label the bathroom bill…and failed to tell the whole story and failed to tell the whole truth, I say you are not journalists, you are merely stenographers for your ignorance, hatred and discrimination," Cilley declared.
But she voted against it anyway.