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domingo, abril 26, 2009

Man jailed for knife attack on transvestite
A KNIFE attacker was jailed for six years on Friday after he tried to murder a bisexual transvestite who had made a pass at him.
Scott Mackenzie threatened to cut off his victim's genitals when told his victim wanted to be a woman.
Six years for attempted killing of 'bisexual transvestite'

[USA] [Commentary]
Tragically, Transgender Identifiers Have a New Martyr
The Civil Rights Movement in America has, unfortunately, never been short of martyrs.
Emmett Till, Medgar Evers, Dr. King, Vincent Jen Chin, Matthew Shepard... Just a sampling of those who, in dying, helped push America toward greater social acceptance of "others."
Add to the list 18 year old Angie Zapata.
Zapata family delivers emotional statement and calls for federal hate-crime statutes
Colorado responds to Angie Zapata verdict

Who She Was
A message of acceptance, tolerance and love came through Thursday night, as the mother of a murdered transgendered teenager talked to a crowd in Heath Recital Hall in Beach Music Hall at Emporia State University.
The presentation by Sylvia Guerrero of Tracy, Calif., was moved from the Kanza Room in the Memorial Union to the larger Heath venue. The event was organized by People Representing Individuality and Diversity in Education (PRIDE) on campus.

A woman's quest to erase a past that won't die
30 years after gender-reassignment surgery, woman's past as a man lingers