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quarta-feira, abril 22, 2009

Peixes «portugueses» em risco de extinção
Especialistas alertam para o perigo que correm várias espécies endémicas

Transsexual Melek’s Killer Arrested
A 26-year-old has been arrested for the murder of Melek, a member of the Pink Life LGBTT Association. This is only the latest in a spate of murders affecting the LGBTT community.

Andrea Paredes, segunda transexual do tênis, se torna profissional
Andrea Paredes nasceu no Chile em 4 de julho de 1971 com o nome de Ernesto, e desde cedo teve dois sonhos: se tornar uma mulher e jogar tênis profissional. O primeiro, concretizou em 2000, quando realizou operação para a mudança do sexo. O segundo, acaba de se tornar realidade com a estreia no ITF de Parque Roca, em Buenos Aires.

Police review trans policy
A review of the NSW Police’s GLBT strategy will take another look at transgender issues after two Surry Hills officers were sentenced for disclosing sensitive information about a woman’s sex change.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Do you think they cut off their genitals for fun?
The government of Alberta recently announced that public funding for sex reassignment surgery (SRS) will be eliminated to save about $ 700,000 of a roughly $ 13 billion annual health-care budget.
Trans activists fight cuts to gender reassignment funding
[Blog/Commentary] Systemic Discrimination - A Textbook Example

Hate Crimes Legislation Brings Debate
News the House Judiciary Committee will consider hate crimes legislation tomorrow has reignited a debate on Capitol Hill as to whether or not granting sexual orientation the same legal status as race and religion is a step toward equality or one in the wrong direction.
The bill, known as the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, would amend present hate crimes law to include violence motivated by a victim’s sexual orientation, gender identity, gender or disability.

Andrade Raided Home, Stole Car After Zapata Murder
Angie Tyree, ex-girlfriend of murder suspect Allen Andrade, said on Monday that Andrade ransacked the apartment of the transgender woman he allegedly murdered to give Tyree some of the victim's possessions.
Jailhouse calls highlight Monday's testimony in Angie Zapata murder
[Commentary] Hatred on trial
Jailhouse calls show mental state
Andrade's calls from jail offer insight
[Blog/Commentary] The Trial of Angie Zapata
Andrade Trial-Monday Recap
Live blog: Transgender murder trial, day 4
Taped calls played in transgender slaying trial
Greeley jurors hear 'gay things need to die' tape
“Gay things need to die”: Defendant’s words played for jury in trial for murder of Angie Zapata
Reporter Blog From Transgender Murder Trial Of Allen Andrade
Testimony in transgender slaying trial winds down
Defense rests in transgender slaying trial

[MA, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Still a long way to go to learn tolerance
Recent news of Mike Costello's support for the so called "Bathroom bill" and the public outcry that followed shows just what a long way our community still has to go, to learn and practice tolerance. Our fear of anybody who doesn't fit what our culture determines as "normal" is the main cause of this public outcry. We can dress it up as "fear for the safety of our children in public bathrooms," but this is truly about our own fear of those who are different and whom we don't understand. I draw this conclusion not from being transgender, but from teaching gender studies and medical anthropology at the college level.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
The End of Transgender?
I just spoke at the West Coast version of the Out for Work Conference held at UCLA this weekend. OFW typically attracts college age students, corporate sponsors, and a variety of speakers to talk on a broad range of topics of relevance to LGBT young adults heading into the workforce for the first time. This is the fifth year I’ve participated and I continue to be impressed by the outlook of kids coming out of college these days.


  • At 22 abril, 2009 19:10, Anonymous Anónimo said…

    Revisionism doesn’t change history. We all know who came up with the term transgender and why. During the 70s, no one outside of the crossdressing clubs had a clue, much less cared, what the term meant. Its mainstreaming occurred during the late 1980s to differentiate transsexuals from crossdressers…a few years later, the GLB added it with great success to their alphabet. This association did nothing but further the ignorant stereotype that male-to-female transsexuals are nothing more than homosexual men who have gone to the ultimate extreme.But that is really all beside the point. Why would a male-to-female transsexual who has transitioned, had GRS, and fully integrated into society want to refer to themselves in any way other than simply female…not to mention whatever motive might drive them to want to be lumped in with transgender?

    It seems the current crop would be most ecstatic if they could have transgender tattooed across their forehead; it would save them from the constant disclosures they seem obligated to give to any and everyone who will suffer through the explanation. In the case of preops who are heterosexual and intend on dating men prior to GRS, of course, disclosure is a neccessity…Lord knows I’ve had to give my share of prior history...and then some. But for post ops…who needs to know? I’ve been post op for years and disclosed twice, both times to men I had dated for a while and of whom I felt were falling in love with me (one of them I’ve been with for two years now). Both of those times transsexual worked just fine.

    Count me out on the transgender confusion and non-sense.


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