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segunda-feira, abril 27, 2009

Exclusive: Sex swap air traffic controller warned over miniskirts
A SEX change air traffic controller has been reprimanded by bosses because her miniskirts were distracting fellow workers.
Striking 6ft 4ins Jasmine Doherty was asked to tone down her dress by bosses at Atlantic House in Prestwick, Ayrshire.
Jasmine started her working life as James Doherty but had a sex change operation in Thailand last year.

Cross-dressing seen as a ‘serious menace to society’
A leading academic has sounded an alarm against the growing trend of cross-dressers among boys and girls, saying that it is a “serious menace to society”.
Speaking in the monthly Lakom Al Karar TV programme, telecast on Friday night by Qatar TV, Dr Saif al-Hajari, the deputy chairperson of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, described the emerging trend of “manly women” and “womanly men” as a “foreign trend” which, he said, had invaded the Qatari and Gulf communities as part of the “globalisation winds”.

Rights groups slam Burundi law criminalising gays
More than 60 national and international rights groups have slammed a measure making homosexuality a crime punishable by jail, which was signed into law last week in Africa's Burundi.
They called on President Pierre Nkurunziza to go back on his promulgation of the parliamentary bill, which was not officially announced though confirmed Saturday by an aide.
The groups, including international heavyweights Human Rights Watch, said that under the new criminal code promulgated by Nkurunziza on April 22, "same-sex sexual conduct becomes illegal for the first time in Burundi's history."

Transexual lesbian loses party bias case
A TRANSEXUAL lesbian banned from attending an all-female party has had her discrimination case thrown out.
Dr Tracie O'Keefe lost her three-year battle this week, after the Equal Opportunity Tribunal ruled the organisers of "Sappho's Party" - an all-lesbian event held in Adelaide - were within their rights to refuse her entry.

[UK/Canada/USA] [Commentary]
Hierarchy of bodies
From discrimination to violence, transgender people face issues that many of us are blind to

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Catherine Carlson is Transgender Daniel Carlson
Meet Catherine Carlson, a transgender female fighting to get her birth name, Daniel Carlson, removed from her personal documents. See a photo and video below.
Daniel Carlson had gender reassignment surgery some 28 years ago, and became Catherine Carlson. You can see a
photo here. Today, she is in a very public battle to have her birth name, Daniel Carlson, removed from her legal records.

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Hate-crime verdict sends message
In July 2008, Angie Zapata, a young transgender woman, was brutally murdered in Greeley, bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher by a man she befriended on a social networking site. The motivation of her killer was clear: He hated gay and transgender people.
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You Respect A Cisperson's Right To Choose Their Name, Why Not A Transperson?
Why do cisgender people feel they have the right to disrespect transgender people by refusing to use or acknowledge the names we have chosen for ourselves?
Would you disrespect Cherilyn Sarkisian that way despite the fact she's gone by the name of Cher for several decades now? Cassius Clay changed his to Muhammad Ali, and only a right winger who hates on him will do so today.