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sábado, maio 02, 2009

[Kenya] [Commentary]
Kenya: Anti-Transsexual Discrimination in Medical Services
Following the director of Kenya's largest referral hospital's blocking of an operation for a transsexual person, Audrey Mbugua argues that the director's actions constitute a basic infringement of a person's human rights. Denouncing the insistence on a 'no objection letter' from the 25-year-old individual's parents as 'insane and barbaric', Mgubua underlines that one does not have to be transsexual to understand the injustices transsexuals face. With anecdotal reports indicating a 97 per cent success rate for male-to-female reassignments and gender-identity disorder well-established within international psychological knowledge, Mgubua emphasises the underlying ignorance informing the director's actions.

Iraqi Gays Face Gruesome Torture/ Murder Technique
Excerpt: Hili also said that pharmacists have been reporting to the police about male customers who were regularly buying female hormones and cosmetic creams. In one such recent instance, two of these supposed transgendered men were arrested and taken to an unknown location, and have not been heard from since.

Ser transexual en el trabajo
Tony Ferraiolo jamás olvidará el día que regresó al trabajo luego de su operación de cambio de sexo. Las rodillas del supervisor de 46 años de edad temblaban mientras ingresaba a las oficinas de Madison Co., una fábrica de interruptores y sensores ubicada en Branford, Connetticut.

[CO, USA] [Commentary]
Hate crimes law: It's time
Angie Zapata, beloved child and sibling and friend, was only 18 when she was brutally murdered by an acquaintance. Born Justin Zapata, the Greeley teen had been living as a transgender girl for six years before her death at the hands of her date, Allen Ray Andrade, 31. He became enraged at finding out she was born a boy.
Conservatives nervous as hate crimes bill advances

No criminal charges in trans woman's death by auto
The investigation into a fatal traffic accident that claimed the life of transgender woman Erika Keels was officially closed in March, with no criminal charges brought against the driver, Roland Bottom.
But a review of the investigative file released last week raised questions about the decision not to pursue criminal charges against Bottom.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
SRS Is Not A Requirement To Be A 'Successful' Transsexual
One of the things we need to do more often in this community is to spotlight and hold up our role models. We need our kids struggling with gender issues to see the diverse rainbow of transpeeps out there who are surviving and thriving out there in the cold, cruel world while being proud of who they are as transpeople.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Her Name was Steven
I’ve been mentioning the Susan Stanton CNN documentary lately. They followed her for almost two years beginning shortly after her story in Largo became national news. The result of these efforts is an 80 minute “CNN Presents” movie that they are releasing to Film Festivals throughout the country.