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quarta-feira, maio 13, 2009

Música de cantor espanhol vira hino das trans
Recentemente, o cantor espanhol Vitor Naranjo criou um hino para as transexuais de todo o mundo: "Imperfecta Mujer" (Mulher Imperfeita). A música está bombando na internet e é um dos temas escolhidos para a próxima Parada Gay de Madri, marcada para 4 de julho.

Transsexual on hunger strike
A transsexual from Nottinghamshire has warned she will end her life if she is refused hormone treatment on the NHS.
Debbie Davies, from Rainworth, is seven days into a hunger strike, and said she cannot afford to fund her treatment.
Transsexual stops hunger strike
Transexual woman calls off week long hunger strike

[New Zealand]
New Zealand embraces diversity
In September 2008 the New Zealand Parliament dedicated a committee room to the LGBT community. Named the Rainbow Room, the sentiment was supported by all major political parties.

[Australia] [Commentary]
The path to social inclusion
Killing and physical violence, exclusion from families and local communities, bullying at school and in the workplace – these are all experiences of gay, lesbian and gender diverse people in various parts of the world.

[USA] [Opinion]
Is My Marriage Gay?
AS many Americans know, last week Gov. John Baldacci of Maine signed a law that made this state the fifth in the nation to legalize gay marriage. It’s worth pointing out, however, that there were some legal same-sex marriages in Maine already, just as there probably are in all 50 states. These are marriages in which at least one member of the couple has changed genders since the wedding.

’Texting Trolley Driver’ in Boston Subway Crash a Transman
A May 8 collision between two inbound trains belonging to Boston’s subway system (locally referred to as the "T") allegedly resulted from the operator of one train texting his girlfriend.
Report: Boston Trolley Driver Was Hired With Transgender Minority Status
Patrick calls for review of T hiring
Sex change a simple switch at RMV