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segunda-feira, fevereiro 01, 2010

Entrevista a Ivana; mujer transexual de Cataluña que cuenta como fue su proceso de CRS
Creo que las operaciones de reasignación de sexo, cuanto antes, mejor. Yo siempre supe que era una mujer. Cuando era muy pequeña, en Viladecans, donde vivíamos, las vecinas todavía salían con sillas al patio de luz en verano. Debía de tener dos años cuando me dijeron que me tenían que operar de fimosis. Las mujeres reían y me decían que me iban a operar el pito. No lo recuerdo, pero parece que estaba muy contenta y les decía que me iban a dejar como a mi vecinita, que jugaba desnuda a mi lado. (Foto)

FELGTB critica al Vaticano que esta presionado para que Tribunal Europeo vote contra GLTB
FELGTB exige al Vaticano que deje de usar su falsa moral para discriminar a las personas LGTB. El Vaticano insta al Partido Popular europeo a rechazar una proposición contra la discriminación por motivos de orientación sexual e identidad de género.

Cambrolle, nueva presidenta Girasol, primera vez una transexual preside Federación GLTB
Girasol (Coordinadora de Asociaciones de Lesbianas, Gais, Transexuales y Bisexuales de Andalucía, Ceuta y Melilla) comunicamos a través de esta nota de prensa, la renovación del órgano ejecutivo de nuestra entidad. La nueva Comisión Permanente, fue elegida en Granada el pasado Sábado 23 de Enero, en Asamblea de Asociaciones, siendo esta nueva Comisión designada con el voto favorable de todas las asociaciones que conforman la Coordinadora GIRASOL. (Foto)

Cuatro personas transexuales en Euskadi están a la espera de una cirugía reasignación sexo
Después de una larga trayectoria de reclamaciones, compromisos, huelgas de hambre incluidas, se ha comenzado a andar en la materialización de los objetivos de las personas transexuales en Euskadi. En estos momentos cuatro transexuales están a la espera de su cirugía de reasignación de sexo.
Este dato consta en una respuesta parlamentaria a una pregunta sobre este asunto del parlamentario de Aralar Dani Maeztu, foto, a la que ha tenido acceso Efe, en la que el consejero recuerda que su Departamento adoptó la decisión de que estas intervenciones se realizaran en centros públicos de la comunidad autónoma.

Transsexual told she can't use ladies' toilets
A pre-op transsexual was left hurt and humiliated when staff at her local pub told her she could no longer use the ladies’ loos.
Katrina Harte, who is awaiting surgery that will transform her from a man to a woman, has been a regular customer at the Briar Dene, in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, since she was 18-years-old.
But over the last 20 years, the former engineer had been hiding the emotional torment of feeling she had been born the wrong gender. (Photo)

[UK] [Commentary]
Censoring Julie Bindel
Transgender activists who seek to ban her from speaking are wrong – we need to hear Julie Bindel on gender politics.

Transgendered prison to open in Italy
Italy has made plans for a new prison, which is set to open in March in the Tuscan province of Empoli. Its prisoners, however, are notably different to their fellow inmates.

Vilnius approves gay pride parade
The Vilnius municipal government reversed past policy on Wednesday and agreed to issue a permit for a gay rights march this spring, a decision supported by the U.S.

Fugitives in Their Own Country
Every morning Pepe Julian Onziema wakes up not knowing if she will live to see another rising sun. Onziema is transgender and she lives in fear for her life because of a national campaign against gay people.

(Photo: Evelyn Matsamura Kiapi - Pepe Onziema lives in fear for her life. Her only 'crime' is that she is transgender.)

Cross about cross-dressing
Cross-Dressing is on the rise among young Qataris. The local press says that more tradition-minded locals are upset by the growing number of young women affecting a masculine style of dress, baggy trousers, short hair and deep voices. These women, who call themselves boyat, which translates as both tomboy and transsexual (and is derived from the English word boy), are being seen in schools and on university campuses where some are said to harass their straiter-laced sisters.
[Blog/Commentary] Qatar's Girls Dress Like Boys Because of Globalization's Evil Western Influences

'We are not men, we have unique needs'
In a bid to differentiate themselves from gay men, transgender women from 10 Asia Pacific countries, including Singapore, have come together and formed the world's first TG network.
The Asia Pacific Transgender Network aims to combat discrimination and marginalisation of TG women by reaching out and educating the public.

(Photo: Courtesy of Leona Lo. Members of Asia Pacific Transgender Network, which wants to combat discrimination of transgender women.)

Harassed, intimidated, abused: but now Pakistan's hijra transgender minority finds its voice
New civil rights for Pakistan's long-oppressed 'wedding dancers' offer hope of a better life
New life beckons for the hijra, Pakistan's transgender community

Beauty pageant inspires India's transgenders
Excerpt: Reena, who works in the field of HIV prevention when she is not entering beauty contests, had come from the western Indian city of Nagpur.
Reena is a graduate and may have had a chance of getting a regular job had she not been a transgender.
"I live with my parents and have a brother who does a regular job. I don't know if these initiatives will directly help us but we try."

(Photo: Reena is a graduate and HIV campaigner)

Grant us re-birth as man or woman, eunuchs pray to Ganga
They haven’t come to pray for salvation. After the years of ignominy and ridicule they have suffered, these hijras (eunuchs) have come to pray to the holy Ganga river to end their lives and grant them an early re-birth - as a man or woman.

Micro finance scheme for transgenders launched
India’s first ever micro finance scheme for transgenders was launched by Rajathi Ammal Kalaignar here on Friday.

Taiwanese TV host Liching: Both man and wife
Popular Taiwanese television host Liching, who married a man 14 years her junior in 2002, was not born a hermaphrodite as she had claimed six years ago but was a man, revealed the Taiwanese doctor who treated her. Hermaphrodites are people born with ambiguous genitalia.
('Diamond Club' host Liching. -Photo from 'Diamond Club' official website)

'They stare at you, talk behind your back'
Her daughter calls her "Fanny-mummy". That's to differentiate her from the woman who gave birth to the girl.
You see, Fanny Ler is actually the girl's biological father. Except that the 35-year-old is now a woman in the making, or in technical terms, a transitioning transgender (TG) woman.
She is on hormonal treatment and is awaiting sexual re-assignment surgery.

(Photo: Fanny Ler, a transitioning transgender woman, is currently undergoing hormonal treatment and is awaiting sexual re-assignment surgery.)

Facebook censors trans man's photo - again
In the battle that never seems to end, Facebook has once again censored a post-op photo of Dominic Scaia's bare chest — the same photo that got him banned from Facebook in December, for which he later received an apology.

(Photo: WHAT GIVES? After initially banning Dominic Scaia for uploading this pic, Facebook apologized and encouraged him to reupload the image. On Jan 29, Facebook deleted the image, despite its earlier promises.)

Filibuster threat makes ENDA unlikely in 2010
A small corps of LGBT political insiders, speaking on condition that they not be identified, believe the Employment Non-Discrimination Act is headed for almost certain defeat this year because supporters can’t line up the 60 votes in the Senate needed to overcome a filibuster.
[Blog/Commentary] DC Agenda declares ENDA dead for the year
[Blog/Commentary] What the DC Agenda Story on ENDA Really Means

US Dept. of Justice joins in federal case on behalf of gender-variant teen
The U.S. Department of Justice has joined a landmark federal lawsuit on behalf of a gender non-conforming middle school student who faced a two-year ordeal of harassment and abuse because of his gender expression. NCTE notes:

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Janet & Nick In The Morning's Take On "The Second Pregnant Man"
This past Wednesday (January 27th, 2010), Janet Snyder and Nicholas Picholas (on KISS 98.5 FM, broadcasting from Buffalo, New York) ran a segment on Scott Moore, "The Second Pregnant Man" during the Jan & Nick In The Morning show. During the segment, one couldn't miss the disdain for trans men in Janet and Nick's voices. Below is a thirty-second edited excerpt that captures some of what I'm sure come off as transphobia to many in the trans (T) subcommunity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community:

[USA] [Blog/News]
New support forum for couples where both partners are trans
Reader Jane has created a brand new space for couples where both partners are trans.

Senate congratulates Ingram, proposes revisions to code
Excerpt: The Senate also took up a resolution to recognize Nov. 20 as International Transgender Day of Remembrance. “That’s a really important resolution,” Senator Amanda Reyes, who authored the bill, said. “People outside the LBGTQ community don’t realize the kind of violence transgender people face.”

Illinois transgender activist goes to Washington
When Helena Bushong was elected chair of Illinois Gender Advocates late last year, her reaction was one of appropriate excitement. Her election was inevitably overshadowed, however, by what was to occur only weeks later.
(Photo: Helena Bushong, chair of Illinois Gender Advocates, made history last month as the first transgender woman of color ever invited to attend an official White House strategy meeting, but she continues to make her mark back in Chicago.)

Sec. of State candidate targets transgenders
State Rep. Paul Scott, (R-Grand Blanc), announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination for Secretary of State on Jan. 15, but he's already caused a shock wave.
Scott, who just completed the first year of his first two-year term in the state House, is rankling feathers with a promise he made in his announcement letter, which listed four top policy priorities, including:
"I will make it a priority to ensure transgender individuals will not be allowed to change the sex on their driver's license in any circumstance."

Group wants driver's licenses for transgender people to be an issue in Michigan Secretary of State race
[Blog/Commentary] Shame on you Paul Scott

Did 49ers Cornerback Eric Green Forcibly Sodomize a Transgender Woman?
What's worse for a NFL player's reputation: Tweeting the word "fag" and then losing your job; getting outed by a jilted gay ex-lover; or allegedly sexually assault a transgender woman? If you're San Francisco 49ers cornerback Eric Green, it's the last one.
Three Words No NFLer Wants To Hear: Transgender Sodomy Lawsuit
NFL Player Sued By Transvestite For Sexual Assault
Transgender Woman Files $10M Suit Vs. Former 49er She Says Sodomized Her
[Blog/Commentary] Victim Blaming and Transgender Rape Victims

Local Courts Making Transgender Name-Changes Easier
Courts around New York City have recently earned a new distinction, that of being one of the easiest and most popular places for transgender individuals to change their names.

2,000 expected in Dallas for Creating Change conference
Each year, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force stages the National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change in a different city. The event, last held in Dallas in 1994, returns to Big D, Feb. 3-7. Conference director Sue Hyde said organizers are “excited and thrilled to be back in Dallas.”

TVMEX celebran una década a favor de la comunidad Transexual en la Ciudad de México
Celebra TVMEX una década de trabajo a favor de la comunidad travesti, transgénero y transexual de la Ciudad de México.

Por primera vez una mujer transexual podría llegar a ser diputada en Colombia
Shelcy Sánchez, foto, aspira a convertirse en la primera mujer transexual colombiana en obtener un escaño en el Congreso de su país para dotar de "condiciones dignas" a trabajadores sexuales, lo que genera entusiasmo entre la comunidad GLTB. (Foto)
Transgender activist to run for Colombian Congress
Por primera vez un travesti podría llegar al Congreso en Colombia

Colectivo transexual Chile indignado porque MOVILH solicita transexualidad sea enfermedad
El colectivo Transexual OTD de Chile, ha informado a este Diario Digital Transexual que en esta semana emitirán una declaración publica sobre el hecho denunciado.
Ministerio de Salud se reúne con organizaciones de la sociedad civil para crear vía clínica de atención a personas Transexuales y Transgéneras

Nuevos asesinatos contra gays y trans en Lima
El año pasado fueron una serie de crímenes contra estilistas estremecieron la ciudad de Lima, todos ellos con patrones muy similares, y que en su mayoría han sido posteriormente tema de la prensa amarilla, en la cual se han evidenciado los prejuicios y estereotipos contra los gays, las trans y lesbianas.