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domingo, janeiro 24, 2010

Amy Winehouse ex Blake Fielder-Civil denies dating pre-op transsexual
Blake Fielder-Civil has denied reports that dated a pre-op transsexual known as 'Mia' McHugh.
Ex de Amy Winehouse teve romance com transexual sósia da cantora
Blake Fielder troca Amy Winehouse por sósia transexual

Tiara for Transgenders
Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, the queen bee of the transgender community and perhaps the most recognisable face in India added a bold, new dimension to the pageant culture. The first transgender to represent Asia Pacific in the UN General Assembly Presidents office as a civil society task force member, Laxmi ideated the country’s first ever hunt for the most talented transgender person. It has now shaped up as ‘Indian Super Queen’ a nationwide beauty pageant and talent hunt, which will have its finale in Mumbai.

Daring to dream
As the initiator of the first privately-owned dance troupe in China, the controversial transsexual dancer/choreographer Jin Xing is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Jin Xing Dance Theater with the premiere of a new show and a reprise of a solo performance this evening and tomorrow night at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing. Circle is a group performance, choreographed by Chen Kai from Jin's company, which represents the circle of life and the 10-year journey of her dance troupe.

Top model admits being transsexual
Taiwanese model Alicia Liu (Xun Ai) has admitted that she is a transsexual.
The 24-year-old model-cum-actress, nicknamed Xiao Ai, said she underwent sex-change surgery at the age of 18.
"My ex-boyfriend paid for it," she said in an interview with a Taiwan magazine on Friday.
Liu, whose original name was Zi Hua, became popular following her appearances on a parody television programme. (Photo)

Federal trans workers protected
With the turn of the year, the Obama administration, through the Office of Personnel Management, has started to list gender identity among the classes protected by federal Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policies. By including gender identity as a protected class, the government has taken a significant step toward ending employment discrimination of LGBT people in the federal workforce.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
IOC and gender inquisition
While the IAAF has been backing and filling on the Caster Semenya case, many of us have been waiting for the IOC shoe to drop. Yesterday the shoe dropped. In Miami Beach, a panel of so-called “experts” convened by the IOC and the IAAF has announced from their imperial heights, “Athletes who identify themselves as female but have medical disorders that give them masculine characteristics should have their disorders diagnosed and treated.”
[Blog/Commentary] Why imposing the gender binary on athletes is a violation of human rights

The fight for trans rights takes Beacon Hill
A year and a half ago Lorelei McLaughlin moved to Massachusetts to care for her sick grandmother. While applying for jobs, she was continually turned away, but not because of the rapidly declining economy. McLaughlin asserts that she was turned away because she is a transgender woman.

Somerville Rep. Sciortino continues fight for transgender rights
Legislation adding gender identity to the state’s non-discrimination laws has long had majority support in the House and Senate, but with most of the 2009-2010 session over, the bills (H 1728 and S 1687) have yet to move out of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee, which held a packed hearing on the bills in July.

Readers voice opinions about Secretary of State candidate Paul Scott's opposition to ID changes for transgender individuals
A Web-only post about Michigan Secretary of State candidate Paul Scott's campaign platform drew some comments.
In a letter announcing his candidacy, Scott wrote, "I will make it a priority to ensure transgender individuals will not be allowed to change the sex on their driver's license in any circumstance."
He refers to a policy, in place since 2005, allowing individuals to change the gender markers on driver's licenses and state ID cards without first undergoing gender reassignment surgery.
[Blog/Commentary] Rising Michigan GOP star attacks Trans community
[Blog/Commentary] Rep Paul Scott Blows Smoke on Transgender Michigan

Memorial For Local TG Murder Victim
Excerpt: I want to invite all of you to attend a candlelight vigil to be held on Monday, January 25 at 6 pm to honor Myra Ical, whose body was found last Monday in the 4300 block of Garrott St near Richmond Avenue.

Flo McGarrell, Artist
The artist Flo McGarrell, 35, had wanted to come here since he was 11 years old, when he saw a film about Haitian voodoo.
That desire became a reality several years ago, when Mr. McGarrell traveled here as a videographer. He wrote his parents: "I've come home!"

Cuba And Venezuela Boost Sex Education Studies
Excerpt: The final working session of the event was on the National Commission for Integral Care of Transsexual People and the Cuban Multidisciplinary Society for the Study of Transsexuality (SOCUMES) which called for withdrawing the trans-sexuality of the international classification mental illness.
Cuban Sex Congress Highlights Transexuality And Impotency

Cuba’s universal health care funds sex change surgeries
The U.S. can’t even pass a minimal universal health care plan. Meanwhile, according to an article by The Washington Post, Cuba is sponsoring federally funded sex changes.

Organización chilena (GAHT) ayuda a transexual masculino a cambiar su nombre sin cirugía genital
Luego de ocho meses de trámite, un hombre transexual chileno de 35 años ganó en los tribunales el derecho a cambiar el nombre y la mención sexo en sus documentos sin tener que someterse a una cirugía de remodelación genital como parte de su proceso reasignación sexual.