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sexta-feira, janeiro 15, 2010

Entrevista a Iván Mañero "Ya era chica. Tras operación su apariencia no ha cambiado"
ENTREVISTA: IVÁN MAÑERO Cirujano del primer cambio de sexo de una menor
16-year-old becomes youngest sex-change boy
Spanish teen undergoes sex change operation
[Commentary] Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals, Bisexuals welcomed the first sex change surgery to Minor
Sex change at 16

15 menores han pedio CRS en España, la reasignada en Barcelona pidió ayuda colectivo ATC
Apenas ha trascendido información sobre ella, quiere anonimato, pero se ha convertido en el primer menor (16 años) en someterse a una operación de reasignación de sexo en España. Gracias a una orden judicial y al apoyo de sus padres, en diciembre consiguió cumplir su sueño en una clínica privada de Barcelona: completar su cambio de sexo, de hombre a mujer, después de más de un año hormonándose para conseguirlo.

A safe place to meet and escape from a double life
A man awaiting a sex-change op and an open cross dresser are just two people who have found a lifeline and safe haven at Age Concern Sunderland which has struck a first in the region for the charity in a Tea With Dorothy group.

Vicar’s Sex Change Prompts Parish Exodus
Members of a Lutheran parish in eastern Finland are leaving in droves after their vicar returned following gender re-assignment surgery.

[Malawi] [News/Commentary]
Malawi Arrests Two Men on "Suspicion of Being Gay"
Malawi appears to be following Uganda’s and Rwanda’s lead on homophobia, with the arrest of two Malawian men, Steven Monjeza, 26, and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, 20, charged with “carnal knowledge of a person against the order of nature” (article 153) and committing an act of gross indecency with another male person (article 156). The two men, arrested on December 28, conducted a traditional engagement ceremony (Chinkhowe) two days before their arrest, deemed by the authorities as evidence of behavior contrary to sections 153 and 156 of the Malawi Penal Code. The two men, reportedly beaten by police while in custody, are still being held in Chichiri Prison in Blantyre, Malawi.
Excerpt: According to most reports, Chimbalanga identifies as a womanand has been referred to by most press as the “bride”. However, theidea of having a fruitful discussion about transgender identity inMalawi seems far from likely given the current climate.
Document - Malawi: Amnesty International calls for the unconditional release of gay couple

Uganda backtracks on anti-gay law after outrage
Uganda has incicated it will bow to international pressure and amend draconian anti-homosexual legislation that includes the death penalty for HIV-positive people convicted of having gay sex.
Uganda: Se desmarca presidente de ley anti-homosexual
Presidente de Uganda não quer lei anti-homossexualidade

Semenya volverá a competir a la espera de resultados de tests de sexo
La campeona del mundo de 800 metros, la sudafricana Caster Semenya, competirá de nuevo en certámenes internacionales a pesar de que no se conocen aún los resultados sobre los tests de verificación de sexo a los que fue sometida en agosto.
Caster set for comeback race

Man, I feel like a woman!
Mascara is a tricky friend, lethal in charm but capable of ruining a Kodak moment, should it merge with tears and leave a dark trail down your cheeks. Therefore, Poonam applies it with great care, if she goes on to win a place in the semi-finals of the Indian Super Queen, India’s first national transgender beauty pageant. Just six months shy of her 30th birthday, she’s aware of younger competition but that does not stop her from helping young Zooni with her make-up. “We’re from the same community and this is an opportunity for all of us,” says Poonam, mixing two shades of lipstick.
Waiting for the beauties
Beauty contest to bring transgenders out of shell

Filipino woman arrested over fake marriage scam
A Filipino woman who is believed to have been involved in fake marriages between Japanese men and Filipino transsexuals was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly illegally immigrating to Japan.
Marriage scam has transsexual twist

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Is ENDA Back?
With Congress set to resume operations next Monday, the big question on the LGBT legislative agenda is whether ENDA is back.

[USA] [News/Health]
Illegal injections on the rise
Clara Tolentino was terrified when her 43-year-old sister died last year after getting liquid silicone injections to add a bit more shape to her buttocks.

[USA] [Commentary]
On Being First
Amanda Simpson can help us all learn about trans issues.

[CA,USA] [Commentary]
One death can mean two losses
On the same day, in the same town, two sportswriters, two friends of mine, killed themselves.
One was my old hoops buddy Mike Penner, who started at the Los Angeles Times the same year I did. The other was Christine Daniels, a blonde who bubbled from heels to highlights.

Between Ourselves
Knoll Larkin is a trans and community activist. The Detroit resident works in the University of Michigan's Bioethics Program as a research technician associate - but hasn't given up on his passion for the LGBT community.

[Puerto Rico]
Suspect in Puerto Rico gay murder will stand trial
The man accused of murdering a gay Puerto Rico teenager has been found fit to stand trial.
Juan A Martinez Matos, 26, is accused of killing Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado in November in the city of Cayey.

Mariela Castro denuncia prejuicios frenan Ley de transexuales y uniones gays en Cuba
La directora del Centro Nacional de Educación Sexual de Cuba, Mariela Castro, afirmó este martes que los "prejuicios" son la causa de que no se hayan aprobado todavía en la isla leyes relativas a la identidad de género y la unión legal de homosexuales, promovidas por su institución desde hace años.