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sexta-feira, janeiro 08, 2010

Row over transsexual woman searched by male Holyrood guard
The Scottish Parliament has apologised after a transgender visitor complained about being searched by a male security guard.
An investigation was launched after the visitor, who was born a man and now lives as a woman, asked to be searched by a female security guard at the public entrance at Holyrood.

Irish Government pursuing trans birth certificate law
Work is set to get under way on an Irish law to allow transsexuals to change their sex on their birth certificate.
The news comes despite warnings from critics that measures to change sex physically would not help resolve psychological turmoil.

Social worker struck off for abusing trans child
A social worker has been found guilty of shouting homophobic abuse at a child in his care.
Stan Lansdell, 52, was struck off today for "gross abuse" of his position. He worked for Bradford council at the time of the offences.

'Tranny' tale earns Sunday title press watchdog rap

A story about a transsexual rape counsellor which used the word 'tranny' has landed a weekly newspaper in trouble with the press watchdog.
On 1 November Sunday Life, sister weekly to the Belfast Telegraph, carried a story headlined 'Tranny worked in rape centre' about counsellor Keira McCormack, a male to-to-female transsexual.
The article reported concerns about the complainant's employment, referred to her as a 'tranny' and used adjectives such as 'strapping' and 'burly' to describe her build.
Trans woman wins complaint against newspaper for 'tranny' headline

« C'est comme si Roland n'avait jamais existé »
Sophie Ploquin, présidente de la Pétanque fléchoise depuis le 24 octobre 2009. Avant, elle s'appelait Roland et présidait le club depuis 27 ans.
(Photo En octobre, Roland Ploquin assumait au grand jour sa transsexualité en devenant Sophie. Aujourd'hui, elle « voit la vie en rose ».)

Transgender People No Longer Classified as “Mentally Sick”
The following is a translation of a story written by the State-run Fars News Agency, and published January 7, 2010 on BBC Persian’s Website. While the decision of the government not to classify transgender people as mentally disturbed is an important step forward, the language used by the government officials is both unfortunate and shows the challenges that the trans community faces in Iran.

[Bahrain] [Blog/Commentary]
Bahrain Police Arrest 9 Cross-Dressing Men On New Year's Eve
Welcome to the new decade: "Nine Arab crossdressers were arrested on New Year's Eve and charged with public debauchery.

[Pakistan] [Blog/News]
A new frontier in civil liberties
Transgender rights represent a relatively new frontier in civil liberties activism. In Pakistan, eunuchs have historically been disregarded and marginalised by mainstream issue advocates. The discriminations against eunuchs reveal our petty-bourgeois mentality that is mostly reluctant to recognise gender deviance.

Now, transgenders have the chance to parade their talent
With big names sitting in judgement, India Super Queen 2010, to be launched in March with auditions across 10 cities, is an endeavour to help change society’s attitude towards transgenders

U.S. Job Site Bans Bias Over Gender Identity
The Obama administration has inserted language into the federal jobs Web site explicitly banning employment discrimination based on gender identity.
[Blog/News] A Fairer Federal Workplace For Transgender Employees
[Blog/News] Obama Goes All 'No Discriminating Against Transgender Job Applicants' On the Fed
[News/PR] Task Force: Federal jobs website change to include gender identity

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
How a transgender prisoner gets tougher punishment because of her gender identity
Six years of prison, solitary confinement, and denial of medical care, all for a nonviolent drug offense? Thank you, War on Drugs. You gave us such sane ways to deal with addiction.

[USA] [Blog/News]
Obama Appoints Transgender Federal Bureaucrat
There is much excitement over President Obama's appointment of a transgender woman, Amanda Simpson, as Senior Technical Advisor to the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security. Simpson was previously a deputy director at Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson and a Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives from Arizona.
O taps sex-change gal for security post
Equality key for transgender woman
President Appoints 'Transgendered' Individual to Federal Post
Conservative Christians denounce transgender Amanda Simpson appointment
What will Limbaugh and the GOP think of Obama's transgender appointment?
Amanda Simpson, formerly test pilot Mitchell Simpson, gets senior post in Commerce department
First transgender woman appointed to senior US government post
Amanda Simpson: A Transgender Rocket Scientist Goes to Washington
Obama makes history with transgender appointment
Two trans presidential appointees -- one with Mass. connections
Amanda Simpson, mujer transexual, al gobierno de Obama
Obama nombra a primer transexual para cargo federal
Transgender appointment is 'political correctness run amok,' critic charges
Locals react to president’s appointment of transgender
White House silent on Obama transgender 'appointee'
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First Transgender Presidential Appointee Fears Being Labeled 'Token'
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[Blog/Commentary] Fundies blast transgender appointment
Obama makes first transgender appointment
Trans woman nominated by Obama 'not a token'
[Blog/Commentary] CBN's Brody tells us what we already know about the right's anti-gay smears of Obama nominees
Obama contrata la primera transexual con alto cargo en La Casa Blanca, Amanda Simpson
David Letterman under fire for transgender joke
Gay Group Demands Letterman Apologize for Mocking Transgender Appointee Amanda Simpson
Obama administration names two transgender people to posts
Gay Group Calls David Letterman's Joke 'Transphobic'
[Blog/Commentary] WND's bigoted attack on Amanda Simpson
Fringe Right, Letterman React to Obama Trans Appointee
Obama appoints transgendered LGBT activist
[Blog/PR/News] HRC, other orgs' response to David Letterman's skit about transgender Obama nominee Amanda Simpson

Suspect in trans murder found guilty in separate case
The man suspected of murdering a transgender woman in San Francisco more than two years ago has been found guilty of several charges related to the rape of another transgender woman.

Openly Transgender Primary Care Provider Joins Lyon-Martin
Fulfilling their commitment to provide quality healthcare to Bay Area women and transgender patients, Lyon-Martin Health Services has proudly announced the addition of Dr. Suegee Tamar-Mattis to their well-respected community clinic. Lyon-Martin has an increasing demand for its services by those who feel underserved, unwelcome or unsafe in traditional medical practices. “Dr. Tamar-Mattis comes to Lyon-Martin with a passion for service,” says Karin Jaffie, spokesperson.

Kaiser Pleads Guilty
A transgender individual who posed as a teenage boy and tried to enroll in high school has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.
Jack Kaiser, 24, was sentenced Tuesday to 120 days in jail and two years of conditional discharge.

Md. halts policy change for transgender drivers
Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration said Wednesday it has halted, at least temporarily, a planned policy change that would have forced people living as the opposite sex to get transgender surgery before they could change the gender on their driver’s licenses.

El unitismo: movimiento transexual y popular
Mientras algunos todavía la definen como un fenómeno pasajero, la candidata transexual Victoria Unita avanza segura y sin trabas hasta el sillón de Rivadavia en vistas al 2011. El pueblo la acompaña cantando las canciones que ella misma, sin quererlo, va inspirando a su paso.

Ariana Cano es la primera locutora transexual de Latinoamérica
Ariana Cano se crió entre dos mundos opuestos. El de su padre, un boxeador mediopesado que después de entrenar manejaba un colectivo para llegar a fin de mes, tenía la rudeza de los golpes. El de su madre, una modelo rubia de ojos celestes, brillaba como las pieles que lucía en los desfiles. Ariana nació en un cuerpo equivocado. Durante el tiempo que vivió como varón, su padre quería que subiera al ring. Pero ella se probaba los vestidos de su mamá. No fue ni boxeador ni modelo. Ariana creó su propio mundo: es la primera locutora transexual de Latinoamérica. Mientras lucha para que su nombre de mujer sea reconocido legalmente, sueña con casarse y adoptar tres o cuatro chicos. (Foto)