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domingo, dezembro 20, 2009

Transexual luta por direitos iguais - “Tenho sexo mas não namorado” (C/ VÍDEO)
A transexual espanhola Carla Antonelli, símbolo da Lei da Identidade de Género no país vizinho, esteve ontem reunida com o PS e com o BE na Assembleia da República portuguesa, partidos da parte de quem garante ter recebido “grande abertura” para aprovar uma lei idêntica em Portugal.
Transexual Carla Antonelli veio a Portugal falar (vídeo)
"Mudar de sexo não é um capricho" (vídeo)
Casamento homossexual: activista espanhola espera que diploma final não afaste adopção
Transexual espanhola no País para defender a lei da identidade
Francisco Louçã: lei da identidade de género e eutanásia não são prioridades do BE

US urges Uganda to block anti-gay bill
The United States said Friday it is urging the Ugandan leadership to block a bill calling for draconian measures against homosexuals, warning it would be a setback in fighting AIDS.

[South Africa]
The saga of a shy girl from deep Limpopo
The life of Mokgadi Caster Semenya, a shy athlete from a small village in Limpopo, was turned upside down when she won the 800m woman's final at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin this year.

[South Korea]
Transgender Hair Restoration Options
Transgender patients are no different than any person seeking hair restoration surgery. The main issue faced in regards to transsexual patients is the need to change a “masculine” hairline to a more “feminine” one. This issue applies to male to female transsexual patients who suffer from male patterned baldness. There are generally two issues: One includes the recession of the frontal corners which makes the frame of the face more masculine. Second includes additional miniaturization or balding of the rest of the hair which may require further hair restoration.

Trading one hell for another: Jessica’s challenges
Jessica has worn holes into her size 11 practical Mary-Jane shoes.
They’re obviously not shoes she wears as a costume, they’re shoes she wears for real life.
And real life these days seems to be wearing holes in Jessica.
“You go from everyday, living in hell, knowing you’re living in the wrong body to the hell of the ignorant public,” said Jessica.
Jessica is transgendered. Born with male organs, she said she’s always known she was meant to be a female. It’s taken decades for her to come to terms with it — years spent living a man’s life she was unhappy with, which led to a drug addiction, homelessness and destructive relationships.
(Photo by Colleen Dane - Jessica says that she’s leaving the Comox Valley after a series of discriminatory incidents. She’s spending her second Christmas at a local abused women’s shelter after threats to her safety.)

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Is The Los Angeles Times To Blame for Letting Sportswriter Mike Penner Come Out As Trans?
Initially, we thought the Los Angeles Times' handling of sportswriter Mike Penner — who began transitioning, hormones and all, to Christine Daniels in 2007 before abruptly ending treatment — wasn't just appropriate, it was magical.

[USA] [Blog/People/Television]
New York Drag Queens Invade 'Ugly Betty'!
Famed performer Justin Bond told me that he, along with a bunch of other trans cuties, just shot an episode of Ugly Betty.

NY Gov. signs order protecting trans state workers
New York Governor David Paterson extended protections against job discrimination to transgender state employees today. Executive Order No. 33 protects state employees from discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression. This is an important step in bringing equality to transgender New Yorkers and Governor Paterson deserves recognition for his support and action on this important issue.