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domingo, dezembro 13, 2009

Switching a Gene in Adult Mice Easily Transforms Females Into Males
The technology might allow for mid-life human sex changes with no surgery

German woman wins legal right to be dad
A woman living in a lesbian relationship after undergoing a sex change has been granted the right to be the legal father of the couple's biological child, a Cologne court said on Friday.

[South Africa]
IAAF offers to pay for Caster Semenya's gender surgery if she fails verification test
The International Association of Athletics Federations has offered to pay Caster Semenya's medical expenses should she require gender surgery or other treatment to continue competing as a woman.

Arrest of transvestites spurs debate in Brunei
The arrest of seven cross-dressers by Brunei police this week has sparked debate over the rights of the individual vs religious mores in the Islamic sultanate, observers said Saturday. The Royal Brunei Police on Tuesday arrested the transvestites and subjected them to HIV tests, vowing to conduct similar operations "to combat the spread of immoral activities."
The arrests outraged transgenders in the country, who objected to "unfair marginalisation by the authorities."

Gender confused driver tries to sweet talk cop to avoid traffic bust
A man went to extremes here Friday to hide his identity and avoid a traffic citation when he told police he was going through a sex change operation.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
If This MTF Patient Never Did Her 'At-Home Exercises,' Can She Blame the Doc?
If you're a plastic surgeon who performs gender reassignment surgery on a patient, are you at fault when the patient deems the surgery as a "failure"? Some 18 years after you last saw each other in the operating room, the jury is still out.

Strange Twist In Hollywood Murder
For many, California dreaming begins -- and often ends -- in Los Angeles. It's sandy shores and bright lights were a place where 24-year-old Paulina Ibarra felt she was free to be herself and start life fresh when she moved there a few years ago.
On August 28, 2009, Paulina’s happiness ended in a scene right out of a horror movie.
LAPD detectives say neighbors heard a woman’s gut-wrenching screams coming out of Paulina’s apartment. When they went inside, nearly every wall and piece of furniture was drenched in blood.
Paulina Ibarra had been stabbed more than a dozen times which begged the question to cops: Who would kill Paulina Ibarra, and why? (Photo Paulina Ibarra, 24, was a transgender woman living in Hollywood, Calif.)

Police: Cross Dresser Charged With Prostitution
A 28-year-old man dressed as a female was arrested on charges of prostitution Thursday in Barnstable after a police detective witnessed a transaction between the man and an alleged customer, police said.

Rachelle says Tgirls aren't freaks
Meet Rachelle, 50, a transsexual who wants Rockhampton to know she’s not a “freak”.
She is just trying to be “who she really is”.
But recently since making the tough decision to become a woman, Rachelle has been threatened, called names and “gone through living hell”.