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sexta-feira, dezembro 11, 2009

We'll see Destiny's killer behind bars, vows family
The grieving relatives of a transgender escort girl strangled in her own home have vowed to fight for as long as it takes for justice to be done.

Uganda's Anti-Gay Bill: Inspired by the U.S.
The late-November afternoon sun bore down on the park in downtown Kampala, and all along the benches, Ugandan office workers took their siestas. There could have been no less likely setting for criminal conspiracies to topple an East African state. Still, the doctor's voice dropped a notch when an office worker in a brown suit settled in close by. The medic shifted a battered fedora over his eyes. "I am the gay doctor," the physician whispered to me, making sure nobody around heard. He talked about the gay and lesbian couples who go to his office to avoid ridicule in public hospitals. "They know they can trust me, and trust is a big issue," he said. "There is the stigma of being gay, but also the stigma of being [HIV] positive. They are such hidden communities. Nobody wants to deal with their problems."
Local LGBTs affect U.S. foreign policy
Key US lawmaker denounces Uganda anti-gay law

[South Africa]
Semenya begins her pre-season training
Caster Semenya’s coach Michael Seme said on Wednesday the athlete still had lot to offer to world athletics.
Semenya began her off-season training despite uncertainty over her running career.

Housing Projects for LGBT Elders Stalled Due to Economy
The economic crisis has stalled the construction of many housing projects run by the public and private sector, and top among them is affordable housing for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) seniors.

Senate seen as bottleneck for LGBT bills
During a recent appearance at an LGBT leadership conference held in San Francisco, two of Congress' three openly gay members predicted the House of Representatives would pass a number of LGBT bills in the coming months but cautioned that the pro-gay rights measures could be waylaid in the Senate.
[Blog/Commentary] Whenda ENDA?
[Blog/Commentary] The White Gay Mafia Wants Marriage, Not ENDA


Miss Indian Transgender competition
Mesa resident Ricki Quintero gazes proudly at two Native American dresses in her apartment.
One is white with turquoise embroidery, and the other is a sunny yellow. Both are made of soft deerskin, embellished with silver ornaments and finished with long, meticulously cut tassels.
These dresses are meaningful to the 30-year-old member of the White Mountain Apache Tribe. Not only did she make them, but she wore them when she won the 2007 Miss Indian Transgender Arizona Pageant, a title she has held for two years.

(Photo: Miss Indian Transgender Pageant - Ricki Quintero of Mesa was crowned Miss Indian Transgender Arizona in 2007.)

McDonald’s fires anti-trans manager
Earlier this week, Zikerria Bellamy filed a complaint against McDonald’s for refusing to hire her because she is transgender.
One of the managers left a detailed voice mail message on Bellamy’s phone in July, saying “It doesn’t matter how many times you go down there, you will not get hired. We do not hire faggots. You lied to me.”
That manager has been fired.
McDonald’s Manager Fired After Expletive-Riddled Call
Transgender Teen Rejected, Harassed After Applying for Job at McDonald's
[Blog/Commentary] McBigots

Profiler: Crossdresser likely a victim of same killer as women
A crime psychologist says he believes a crossdresser found dead in Rocky Mount three years ago likely was the victim of the same killer who claimed the lives of seven area women between 2003 and earlier this year.
Police: Strangling suspect tied to Craigslist attack on transsexual

A struggle with your identity ...
A lifelong struggle has taken Jasmine Anderson down many avenues.
Jasmine began her life 34 years ago as a male but today is living as a female.
"It has been a struggle my entire life," she said from the comforts of her Belmont County home. "As a small child I loved playing with dolls, dressing in my mother's clothes and experimenting with makeup. But I was supposed to be a boy. I never seemed to fit."

(Photo/Kay Sedgmerjasmine Anderson is seen inside her Belmont County home. Anderson was born a male, but has lived much of her life with the firm belief she is a woman. Her struggles led her to drug abuse and a drug conviction, which helped her change her outlook on life. She became the first preoperative transgender female prisoner in Ohio. She plans to continue her transformation in the future and hopes to one day soon have a sex change operation.)

[Puerto Rico]
Acusado muerte Jorge Steven no es procesable
El psiquiatra del Estado, Rafael Cabrera, determinó que el acusado por la muerte del joven Jorge Steven López Mercado, Juan José “Gasper” Martínez Torres, presenta pérdida parcial de la memoria, alucinaciones auditivas y ansiedad, por lo que necesita una evaluación más extensa para determinar si está apto para enfrentar el proceso judicial.
Siquiatra declara no procesable al asesino confeso de Jorge Steven López, por ahora
Gasper debe ser analizado
El asesino confeso de joven homosexual no está apto en este momento para ser procesado por el crimen
Asesino de Jorge Steven al parecer sufre "memoria selectiva"
No procesable por ahora el acusado de matar a joven gay
En entredicho su confesión

Trans woman is Argentina’s 2009 Woman of the Year
The Latin American Herald Tribune is reporting that trans woman Marcela Romera has been named by lawmakers as Argentina’s 2009 Woman of the Year.