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sábado, novembro 28, 2009

Primera operación reasignación sexo de Euskadi se realizará hospital Cruces en diciembre
Parlamento pide al Gobierno que los tratamientos necesarios para la reasignación de sexo tengan la "mayor cobertura posible"

NHS 'pioneers' of intersex newborns
The Times has reported that the UK's NHS no longer assume that the correct procedure is to immediately operate on a child born with ambiguous genitalia. A recent Scottish survey indicates that around 1 in 4000 babies are born intersex, but historically, and still in other countries, surgeons opt to 'adjust' the gender in an attempt to 'normalise' them, sometimes without the parents knowledge. Any rushed procedure can only lead to future difficulties, but with no follow-up treatment this often goes unreported.

Tragic story of murdered transsexual, whose uncle was one of the Guildford Four
The tragic life story of a murdered Kentish Town transsexual became clear this week when it was revealed the victim's mother had committed suicide four years ago and her uncle spent 15 years in prison falsely convicted of an IRA bombing.

I fell for the woman of my dreams... and she turned out to be a he
When Ian Young sat down next to a beautiful woman in a packed cafe in Kuala Lumpur, he had no idea they would one day be married.
Nor did he know that his pretty companion was a man.
In just three years, Ian has gone from being a straight lad from Derby - who was with his previous girlfriend for eight years - to being in a full-time same-sex relationship.
Ian married 36-year-old Fatine, who is a pre-op transsexual, in a British civil partnership ceremony in May.

Fury at Uganda proposal for gay executions
Britain and Canada today led Commonwealth protests against a law proposed by the Ugandan parliament which would introduce the death penalty by hanging for "aggravated homosexuality".
Commonwealth under pressure over homophobia
Opinion: Gay rights go global
Opinion: Unite to condemn homophobic laws

Civic body gets first eunuch boss
Having given India its largest atomic power plant and a famous Bollywood playback singer (Shreya Ghosal), it was date again with history for this otherwise non-descript municipality of Rawatbhata, in Chittorgarh district, about 64 km from Kota.

Thai Department Of Health Tightens Sex Change Laws
The Thai Department of Health has amended the laws regarding sex changes in order to put a halt to the ever increasing elective surgical procedure amongst the young male population of Thailand.

[South Korea]
Transsexual Model Fights Prejudice
When it comes to sex, whether it refers to gender or sexual intercourse, Korea, built upon Confucianist ideals, has stayed very conservative.
But the strictness on sexual relations has become radically relaxed in recent years to the level that people believe women who keep their virginity until marriage are virtually "an endangered species." (Photo: Choi Han-bit)

Fitness club owner angered by outcome in human rights case of transgendered woman
Fitness club owner John Fulton is upset he's saddled with major legal costs, even though an Ontario human rights complaint against him was dropped.
"Not only did I not get my day in court, I was bad-mouthed," said Fulton, owner of Downtown Health Club for Women and Fulton Fitness.

[USA] [PR/Books]
New Book Offers Fresh Perspective on Transgender Life
"Transgender people have been around since the beginning of time, and there are more of us than you think," writes Joanne Herman in her new book, Transgender Explained For Those Who Are Not.
"Transgender people are very varied and diverse -- some transition genders as I did, some have an opposite gender presentation only part of the time, and some have a unique gender presentation all of the time. Contrary to common belief, few transgender people have surgery."

Should State Pay for Convict's Sex Change?
A Massachusetts inmate recently lost a bid for state-funded electrolysis treatments. But the prisoner, who has changed names from Robert to Michelle Kosilek, is still pursuing his case to have the state of Massachusetts pay for a sex-change operation in order to complete a gender transformation that started almost 20 years ago.

[Puerto Rico]
Confession Questioned in Puerto Rico Slaughter
When the remains of savagely murdered 19-year-old gay activist and college student Jorge Steven López Mercado were discovered in Puerto Rico on November 13 after he had been dismembered, decapitated, and burned in an apparent hate crime, shock and anger spread like wildfire across the United States, burning up the gay blogosphere and leading to vigils, demonstrations, and memorials all over the country, from New York City to Chicago, from Miami and Dallas to San Francisco, as well as in San Juan.
Slain Puerto Rican Teen Mourned

Exigen con marcha gay en León se elimine la discriminación
Pancartas, banderas de arcoiris, consignas y música durante la protesta de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y personas trans llamaron la atención de más de una de las personas que estaban en los alrededores. No se reportó ningún incidente.
(Foto: Colectivo León Gay - Personas de la diversidad sexual en León marcharon desde el Forum Cultural Guanajuato hasta el cento.)

Grupo Latino Demanda Justicia para Gays en Honduras
En protesta de varios asesinatos de “limpieza social” hacia la comunidad lesbiana, gays, bisexuales, y transgeneros (LGBT) según por parte del régimen de facto de Honduras, una coalición de Los Ángeles tendrá una recepción con varios delegados de una amplia colación en resistencia este sábado 14 de nov. a las 6 p.m.

Hoy, desfile de la diversidad sexual en Cartagena
Hoy será el Desfile de la Diversidad Sexual en el marco de las Fiestas de Independencia en Cartagena de Indias.
El evento es organizado por el Instituto de Patrimonio y Cultura de Cartagena (IPCC) y la Corporación Caribe Afirmativo, con el fin de incentivar en la ciudad el respeto y el reconocimiento por los derechos de todos los cartageneros y cartageneras en cuanto al tema de género y diversidad sexual se refiere.

Polémica por desfile “Gay” en Cartagena

La cuarta Gay Parade de Santiago reunió a más de 25 mil personas
Una treinta de destacados dj’s, decenas de artistas y miles de personas dieron vida el anterior sábado a “Gay Parade Chile, Open Mind Fest”, un masivo evento contra la discriminación organizado por el Movimiento de Integración y Liberación Homosexual (Movilh) en el marco de sus 18 años de vida y del Día Internacional contra la Tolerancia. (Photo)