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quinta-feira, novembro 12, 2009

Parlamento de Navarra aprueba la primera Ley Integral de Transexualidad de España
Parlamento foral aprueba primera ley España de no discriminación y de reconocimiento de transexuales.
Busca "garantizarles" una atención integral y adecuada a sus necesidades médicas, psicológicas, jurídicas y de otra índole.

Parlamento Andalucía reclama por unanimidad a la Junta Ley Integral Transexualidad
El Parlamento reclama por unanimidad a la Junta una normativa que evite discriminación a personas transexuales.

El 100% de los transexuales quieren operarse
Según un experto de la SECPRE algunos de estos pacientes no lo hacen por miedo a la intervención, por problemas económicos y por miedo al rechazo familiar.

Transexuales Escandalizados por últimas declaraciones del Dr. Iván Mañero.
Transexuales Cataluña critican palabras de Mañero, y denuncian quejas de sus pacientes

Un calendrier pas très catholique

Le « Collectif des gays, lesbiennes, transsexuels et bisexuels de Madrid » (Cogam) vient de publier un «calendrier laïc» qui suscite une vive polémique en Espagne, pays où 79 % de la population se déclare catholique.

Trans sex prostitute is found strangled in flat
A MURDER investigation has been launched after a transsexual prostitute was found strangled in her own home.Destiny Lauren, 29 - who was born male but had become legally female - was found collapsed in her flat in Leighton Crescent, off Brecknock Road, Holloway, shortly before 1am on Thursday.

En Finlandia un transexual oficia servicio luterano
Un pastor luterano vuelve a su congregación tras haber sido operado para convertirse en mujer. Preside su primer servicio, cosa que ha levantado polémicas pues su gesto es considerado como blasfemia. (Foto)

[South Africa]
Julius T-shirt joke falls flat
Satirical T-shirt company Laugh it Off posted an electronically doctored image of Sara Baartman's body featuring male genitalia and Julius Malema's head - in a bizarre attempt to ridicule the ANC Youth League president.

Eunucos de la India tendrán una categoría sexual diferente a hombre o mujer
Los eunucos de la India ya no están obligados a inscribirse como hombre o mujer en el padrón electoral, porque tendrán una categoría sexual independiente, anunció hoy aquí una fuente oficial.

3 transgenders allegedly kidnapped to Mumbai
Two transgenders were summoned for enquiry here on Tuesday following a complaint lodged by the Aravanigal Thaiviluthugal Arakattalai, an NGO, that three transgenders had been “kidnapped” to Mumbai for commercial sex.
Minors kidnapped' by a transgender rescued in Mumbai

Eunuch marriage website paves way for third gender comeback in India
In the days of the Mogul emperors, India’s eunuchs were the bodyguards of queens and privy to the most sensitive of state secrets. Today they are most often seen begging at traffic lights.

[Maldives] [Blog/Satire]
“Transgendered Sea Anemone an Abomination”, says Baptist Group
The Save Our Seas Coalition, a Huntsville-based Baptist group, spoke out Monday against the “Telia Felina“, a transgendered sea anemone saying that the organism is “base and depraved.
”Rev. William Chester, spokesman for the coalition which is dedicated to “the preservation of aquatic decency and morality” said: “This filthy anemone, which exhibits both male and female characteristics, is turning our oceans’ intertidal zones into dens of sin and perversion,” he added “For God knows how long, this twisted sea creature has been running rampant in our oceans, spreading its unnatural, bisexual lifestyle. And it’s high time somebody took a stand.”

Tribunal de Hong Kong revisará la prohibición de casarse a un transexual
El caso de un transexual a quien le fue impedido casarse con un hombre será revisado por los tribunales de justicia de Hong Kong, en el primer contencioso de esta naturaleza que vive la ex colonia británica.
Hong Kong transsexual battles for right to marry after sex op
Hong Kong revisará la prohibición que impido el matrimonio de una mujer transexual

Ontario gym owner fumes after transgender bathroom battle
A fitness club owner in southwestern Ontario said Tuesday he has wasted tens of thousands of dollars fighting a legal battle with a transgender woman over which washrooms she should use, only to have the case thrown out by the Ontario Human Rights Commission.
Transgender discrimination suit abandoned

Gym Owner Complains of Human Rights Commission Process after Costly Battle with Gender-Confused Man

Nicole Kidman encarnará al primer transexual de la historia
Nicole Kidman protagonizará y producirá The danish girl, una suerte de biopic de Einar Wegener el primer hombre que se sometió a una operación de cambio sexo. El film, que será dirigido Tomas Alfredson y está basado en el libro homónimo del escritor David Ebershoff, se centra en en la vida del pintor danés Wegener, un exitoso artista que en 1930 decidió cambiar su físico e identidad para convertirse en Lili Elbe. Kidman interpretará al protagonista y Gwyneth Paltrow a su mujer Gerda.
Gwyneth Paltrow to appear in film about trans painter
[Commentary] Liz Smith: The Greatest Change Ever for Nicole Kidman
Kidman y Paltrow protagonizarán la película de la primera transexual en reasignarse

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Thank You Trans Vets!

Today is Veteran's Day here in the States. We take this day to remember the people who not only sacrifice to serve our country in the military, but as recent events have made painfully clear, give their lives to protect it and their fellow Americans as well.

[Blog/Commentary] NCTE Salutes the Service of Veterans
AVER & TAVA Presidents Veterans Day Video Message to the President and Congress

HIV-positive man arrested for prostitution
Excerpt: Garcia, who appears to be transsexual or transgender, is well-known to Denver Police. Officers say he's been arrested and charged with similar acts numerous times.(Photo)

Three face attempted murder, hate crimes charges
Three men face attempted murder and hate crime charges in Montgomery County for allegedly attacking a group that included a transvestite who had seen one of the suspects hours earlier in a restaurant, according to police charging documents.

Asheville Transgender Remembrance Weekend
The Transgender Day of Remembrance is an international event to remember those who have been killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. Although not every person memorialized during the Day of Remembrance self-identifies as transgender — that is, as a transsexual, cross-dresser or otherwise gender-variant — each was a victim of violence caused by bias against transgender people.

Trans actions
In honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance, here's a look at one-time and recurring events happening in Michigan for, by and about the transgender community.

Our Statement for the 2009 Trans Day of Remembrance
In recent months, a lot of us in DC were deeply affected by the murder of Ty’lia Mack, a trans woman who was stabbed along with a friend only a few blocks from the offices of Transgender Health Empowerment, Inc. Many of us at the DC Trans Coalition are survivors of violence ourselves, or are close to someone who is. We now approach the annual Trans Day of Remembrance, a time of emotional ceremonies when we come together with our friends and allies to remember the hundreds of fallen transsexual, transgender and gender nonconforming people all across the world.


76% of Mass. voters in favor of protecting transgender people from discrimination
The majority of Massachusetts’s voters support legislative protections for transgender people, a Lake Research Partners poll found this month, including 81% of women.

Police search for transgendered check forger
Police are searching for an unidentified transgendered male in connection to a series of check fraud incidents.
Cops seek cross-dressing check-kiter

Transgendered People Protected in Fort Worth
Transgender people will be included in Fort Worth's anti-discrimination ordinance.

[América Latina]
Reunión de activistas Red Lac Trans con representación de 15 países latinoamericanos
En días pasados concluyo la reunión de activistas de la RED LAC TRANS, 15 países latinoamericanos y del Caribe reunidos con las referentes de cada país ante la red: República Dominicana, México, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Brasil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile y Bolivia. Cabe mencionar que esta reunión se dio a cabo Panamá dentro de las instalaciones del hotel Avalon Resort. (Foto)

Baptist High School Readmits Gay Student
There is an update to report tonight in the case of transgender student Jose Garcia. As we’ve been reporting, the 19 year old was kicked out of the Baptist School of Adult and Continuing Education in Belmopan last week because he dresses effeminately and has admitted to using the female bathroom.
Baptist High threatens Jose Garcia with Arrest

El limbo legal de los transexuales mexicanos
Roshell asegura que nacer con cuerpo de niño fue un error. Corregir esa mala jugada biológica con operaciones y tratamientos hormonales -con riesgo de perder la vida- cuesta hasta 170 mil pesos en México.
(Foto: JUAN BOITES EL UNIVERSAL - Luego de transformarse en mujer, Roshell no cambiará sus datos personales para evitar trámites y señalamientos)

Deberá PGJDF dar trato digno a transexuales
El documento, publicado en la Gaceta Oficial capitalina, señala que las dependencias de la administración pública local tienen la obligación social y jurídica de prevenir y erradicar prácticas de discriminación, mediante acciones positivas, que promuevan la igualdad de oportunidades y trato.

Las transexuales de Toluca piden que termine la violencia policial contra ellas
Continuarán las investigaciones contra la corrupción en los cuerpos del orden público municipal (Foto)

Condenan muertes de transexuales y gays en Honduras
La violencia y la falta de garantías constitucionales tras el golpe de Estado en Honduras han dejado un saldo mortal de 15 transgéneros y homosexuales en tan sólo cuatro meses, casi la misma cantidad de travestis asesinados en los últimos cinco años, denunció el lunes una activista hondureña.

Piden mayor respeto hacia transexuales en Bolivia, firman convenio con la policía país
La población travesti acordó ayer con la Policía para que su apariencia física sea respetada en la foto de su carnet. El 80% de este grupo no tiene cédula porque se le pedía apariencia de varón.

Gobierno uruguayo promulga ley de cambio de sexo que será efectiva desde hoy
Se estima que unas 3 mil personas están en condiciones de iniciar el trámite para el cual no es necesario realizar previas intervenciones quirúrgicas de reasignacion de sexo.