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quarta-feira, novembro 04, 2009

Judge's mercy for Exeter transsexual
The trauma of life as a transsexual has led to a city woman being spared a jail term.
Thea Cox was in breach of a 12-week suspended sentence when she was caught breaking into student accommodation to steal clothing and food.

Teenager's hopes to change gender
A 15-year-old girl from Somerset is waiting until she is old enough to undergo surgery to change gender.
The girl who identifies as a boy hopes to begin testosterone treatment when she is 16.

The luxury of diversity
Actress, campaigner and politician VLADIMIR LUXURIA is in Malta for an international conference on gay rights. She talks to Raphael Vassallo about her struggle against prejudice, both in and outside politics. (Photo)

Les transsexuels de retour boulevard Albert II
Il y a un an, la Ville annonçait un plan global de lutte qui allait les éloigner. Visiblement, ce n’est pas le cas et çà ne fait pas les affaires des habitants.
Vus il a deux ou trois jours, deux transsexuels racolant boulevard Albert II. Mauvaise affaire pour les habitants et pour la police.
Ce genre de prostitution est le plus désagréable. Bruyants, vulgaires, agressifs, les transsexuels font partie de filières sud-américaines. Leur présence s’accompagne souvent de toute une délinquance: vols, parfois avec violence, bagarres, règlements de comptes.

[Gambia/UK] [News/Commentary]
UK Deports Gambian Asylum Seeker Today!!!!!…Sukai Jack Risked Being Killed If Deported!!!
Excerpt: Meantime, The Gambian Government is busy trying to extradite asylum seekers in Italy, whose asylum claims were premised on transgender. The Government accuses the applicants of “smearing the image” of the country. If deported, the applicants are likely to be killed or jailed for life. (Photo)

[Philippines] [Blog/Commentary]
Another day, another case of trans discrimination
I don't know what's with establishments that keep enforcing asinine dress codes but in the Philippines there are a lot of them. The dress code is almost always lopsided, meaning it is not enforced equally on all and always singles out a certain group of people. That is obviously discrimination but because there is no law that prohibits such prejudicial business practices in this country, many establishments get away with it by invoking the standard excuse that the business has the right to refuse entry to those it deems unfit to enter its premises.

Apology forces trans law change
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has been forced to drop its policy prohibiting transgender people from obtaining a passport in their lived-sex to travel abroad for gender re-alignment surgery.

[USA] [Commentary]

Hate crimes law no threat to religious liberty
The clergy is nervous — the hellfire-and-brimstone cultural conservative clergy, anyway. Congress’ recent vote to finally include sexual orientation in hate crimes legislation has caused near hysterics in some religious communities. Someone needs to remind these pious folks that in America, religious freedom is indeed a sacred, secure right. They remain free to demonize the immoral or ungodly, even as those lost souls are free to carry on their lives in peace as they see fit.

Cross-Dressing Student Sent Home
A Houston area student is disciplined for not following the dress code, but it's not just baggy pants or an offensive t-shirt that got him sent home.
17 year-old O'Rhonde Chapman went to school Monday morning at Nimitz Senior High School dressed in a patterned purple and white blouse, black leather pants, bold jewelry, purple high heels, and a stylish wig. But because he's really a boy, he said his principal sent him home.
Cross-dressing student sent home from Aldine ISD school (Photo: O'Rhonde Chapman said he feels like a woman and wants to be allowed to dress like one.)

Himmel responde a los papás del transexual Denisse
Se defiende el transexual Himmel quien ha sido involucrado por la desaparición de Ericka Denisse también transexual, le contesta a sus padres quienes creen que Himmel motivó a su hijo para que diera una entrevista en contra de Poncho Denigris.(Photo)

Transexuales Ecuador en Encuentro Nacional evaluaron como solucionar sus necesidades
En encuentro nacional las autoridades se comprometieron a promover políticas de buen trato y salud.

Dos meses de espanto, maltrato y vergüenza a trans detenida por la policía en Argentina
La acusaron de homicidio, después cambiaron a robo. La detuvieron en pleno invierno. Enferma de tuberculosis, la mantuvieron durante cinco días esposada en un patio porque decían que tenía problemas con los otros detenidos. Al salir libre pasó un mes internada