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segunda-feira, outubro 19, 2009

Transexuales brasileños podrán cambiar su nombre en el registro civil de nacimiento
Los transexuales brasileños podrán alterar su nombre y género en los registros civiles de nacimiento, después de someterse a una cirugía de cambio de sexo, según una sentencia proferida hoy por el Supremo Tribunal de Justicia (STJ).
Court says transgender individuals have the right to changetheir name and gender on civil records
Transexuales de Brasil podrán cambiar su nombre en Registro Civil

Un niño se transforma en niña legalmente a los ocho años
A los cuatro años insistía a sus padres: "Soy una niña". A los cinco se negaba a cortarse el pelo y a los seis ya había sido diagnosticado como transexual. Joey Romero, ahora Josie, se ha convertido en un caso insólito de cambio de género con sólo ocho años de edad.
(Fotos: The Sun. Josie, a los cinco y a los ocho años.)
Cambiará de sexo niña transgénero de ocho años
Canal britânico exibirá documentário sobre transexual de oito anos

Sex-change graduate working as a prostitute strangled before killer set fire to her flat
The 29-year-old student's body was found in a burnt-out flat in Brighton. Tests showed she had been strangled.
Fire murder inquiries continuing
Strangled Girl's Secret Life Of Vice
Murdered prostitute had undergone sex change operation

Changer de sexe, encore un tabou
Ils seraient 30 000 en France, mais les chiffres fluctuent tellement qu’il est difficile de savoir s’ils reflètent la réalité. La réalité des transsexuels, hommes enfermés dans un corps de femme ou femmes dans une enveloppe masculine, est celle qui est exposée dans un colloque organisé jusqu’à ce soir à Montpellier : de grandes difficultés d’accès aux soins, au travail, à une nouvelle identité. Au bout, il n’y a ni victoires, ni défaites. On est loin des caricatures, qui les assimilent aux travestis. Loin de la confusion, qui confond transsexualité et homosexualité. Le genre n’est pas qu’une question de sexe. Et quand les frontières bougent, la société est ébranlée.

Homosexuales denuncian “caza de brujas” en Italia
Excerto: Ciudadanos de segunda. Los manifestantes, entre los que había unaveterana transexual que reclamaba que su ficha policial como travestisea destruida por las autoridades, han denunciado que los homosexualesen Italia son tratados como ciudadanos de segunda clase, han acusado alos políticos de seguir las directrices del Vaticano para laestigmatización de los gays y han calificado de “caza de brujas” la“persecución a los inmigrantes y homosexuales avalada, sino promovida,desde las instituciones italianas”.

[Turkey] [Blog/News]
Murderer of Melek K sentenced to life imprisonment?
As far as I can tell from running this report (via Bianet) through Google Translate, the third hearing in the trial of the murderer of Melek K took place in Ankara on 15 October. The attempted trans panic defence was rejected and the accused, Tayfun P.’nin, sentenced to life imprisonment.

Human rights groups oppose Uganda's proposed death penalty for homosexuality
Seventeen human rights groups have called for proposed new laws on homosexuality in Uganda to be scrapped immediately.
Parlamentar de Uganda sugere pena de morte para algumas práticas homossexuais

[Ghana] [News/Commentary]
A Ghanaian Woman Trapped In A Man's Body
Could it be that there are monsters born to human parents? Like for example, children born with abnormal features, abnormal gifts, or even super-natural abilities, which set them apart from the rest? Or let's say children, who seem to mature way faster than their own peers for no apparent reason? Most naturally, it's expected of a woman to deliver a healthy child into this world after her nine months pregnancy.

[South Africa]
Nullify Caster's test results, say ANC
The ANC wants the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) to declare null and void the results of athlete Caster Semenya's gender verification tests, it said on Friday.
Suspectée d'être un homme, Caster Semenya est traumatisée
Ce que le sport peut pour Caster Semanya, par Emmanuelle Jappert et Annie Sugier
[Commentary] Guest Commentary: Gender politics play out in Caster Semenya controversy
Homme ou femme ?
L'affaire Semenya en finira-t-elle un jour?
Mensonges et mea culpa, la saga Semenya continue
"Llamada al orden" de género
Le président de l'ASA sur la sellette
Deporte intersexual: el sexo y el género de las deportistas

Transgenders spend days on cleaning brass, copper utensils every Diwali
Diwali cleaning at any household might need a couple of maids, some floor cleaner and brooms. But at a transgender's house in the city, the requirement is of 10 maids, around 20 kgs of tamarind, a lot of fine riverbed clay dust and three days of effort. And all this merely to clean utensils!

Transvestite stabbed in Baoshan
A transvestite prostitute was stabbed while looking for customers in the early hours of yesterday in Baoshan District.

Transgender male on ladies bowls team
Queensland's first transsexual bowler has been accepted as a full playing member of the conservative Edge Hill Ladies Bowls Club in Cairns.
(Photo: Jake Nowakowski - One of the gang: Robyn Stott (centre) has been accepted as a member of Edge Hill club and enjoys a laugh with (from left) Margaret Noble, Agnes Gascoyne, Pat Burke and Vi Thomson.)

Case of Gender-Confused Teacher against Catholic School Board Accepted by HRC
The Alberta Human Rights Commission has accepted a complaint brought against an Edmonton-area Catholic school board by a substitute teacher who was let go after she announced she was 'becoming' a man.

[USA] [Commentary]
A tale of two stories
Given increased press coverage trans issues have garnered over the past five years, I remain skeptical regarding the media’s ability and/or desire to report fairly and objectively. Any fiction that much of the collective press desires objective reporting or that it isn’t exhibitionistic is destroyed in the wake of the contrast between these two stories. As to ability, the misuse of pronouns and nomenclature by various and sundry publications is rampant. This is either ignorant (AP and other stylebooks have been updated for some time now), or a flagrant disregard for human dignity.

[CA, USA] [Commentary]
Schwarzenegger Creates Harvey Milk Day While Rejecting Trans Rights
You may have heard that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently signed into law a bill that will create a Harvey Milk Day, honoring the slain gay politician and icon. It’s the first time that any LGBT person has been honored in such a way, so obviously people are excited about the symbolism.

[OH, USA/Nicaragua]
The Struggle for Sexual Rights and the Transgender Community at the University of Cincinnati
Transgender, transsexual, and transvetites are constantly combating gender and sexual-identity discrimination. These issues become particularly nuanced within a Latin American context. This event will dissect the issues and experiences transgender, transsexual, and transvetities experience in Nicaragua as they organize for health care coverage, HIV/AIDS prevention, and employment non-discrimination. Silivia Martinez, coordinator of the Trans Network of Nicaragua (REDTRANS), will be speaking at the event.